day 9

day 9: a place you love
New York!! It's been said that NYC is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.
So.... yeah... It's pretty cool.

I seriously love New York so much. I've been there like 10 times.. Which to me is alot. And I'm never sick of it. Sadly I haven't been since being married. But I hope to go back soon. I've really been excited about that musical the guys from South Park are doing. Not really. But I would like to take in a showing of Spiderman if the actors aren't all injured....

Ahhh H&M and the flatiron building. H&Ms in NYC are the best ones. And that building is shaped like a triangle! What's not to love?!?

That's my favorite place in the world. And I would have shown you pictures of my many visits there but ya know, my hard drive is missing. I'm still up in arms about it (that's a saying right?). There are so many fond memories I have of New York. One that really stands out in my mind is when my parents and I were watching the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade and saw Conan O'Brien. My Dad and I chased him for like 15 blocks. We couldn't catch up. He's got long legs so naturally he can walk faster then we can run. Go Team Coco.


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