You Say It's Your Birthday...

Happy 2nd birthday to Dexter!!!

I can't believe my baby is now two and no longer a baby. He is basically a little man with a mind of his own and we love every bit of him. Even if he is actually taking advantage of the term 'terrible twos'. He might act a little horrible at times but it's super adorable watching him sit in a time out.

Isn't he the cutest?!? Have to give credit to Devon's aunt Kristy Woolf for taking this picture. And it is classic Dexter because he is holding a pair of keys. This kid is obsessed with keys. And not the ones that you get out of a bin marked 'useless' at Home Depot. He wants the legit ones that people actually need to drive their cars, complete with an unlock/lock button. He is pretty good at keeping tabs on them, except the rare occasion that he is not (sorry Steph, I bet if he came to your house right now he would be able to find them for you).

Happy happy birthday Dexter!! Right now we are celebrating by watching the Lady Gaga performance on Ellen for about the 67th time. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. This kid loves his Gaga almost as much as he loves his Ellen. I've raised him well.

Devy Girl


Happy Anniversary!!

We have been married 4 years today.

I don't have any wedding pictures on this computer but I would have put this pic up anyway...

Happy Anniversary to my Lil' Devy!!

Can't believe it's been 4 years.

That means we've known each other almost 5 years!

For realsy, sometimes it's like we're still strangers. Keeps it interesting.

Anyway thanks for marrying me and helping me produce 1 and a quarter children.


Devy Girl

P.S. That quarter child.. Yeah we know what gender it is. But I'm waiting until I get pictures of our gender reveal cake from my sisters to blog reveal it. So Chels or Ces can I have them please?


Love on Top

Oh man I love when I am pregnant with relevant and fabulous celebrities.

Last pregnancy I was sharing my baby bump with all the E! reality stars...

But I'm good with sharing baby joy with Beyonce.

And if these rumors are true I will be beyond thrilled!!

Yes when I became pregnant one of my first thoughts was which celebrity will share my due date. That's how my brain works. I am one of those people who refer to celebs by their first name. Lady B & Jen & I will be so cute together!!

More posts to come soon hopefully... I've still got our Myrtle Beach trip that we took waaay back in April to blog about.


Devy Girl


Welcome to Fabulous...


Yes this trip happened 3 months ago but it's still very near and dear to my heart so I had to share it. Plus Devon is out of town and I'm holding off on watching the last 4 episodes of Pretty Little Liars because I don't want to be caught up ever. What's the fun in waiting a week to see what crazy antics A will get the girls into? So I'm blogging... I may just blog about Myrtle Beach too. But most likely not. Don't get your hopes up.

We had a weekend away from our lil Dex and joined Steph&Danny for a wonderful trip to Vegas. It was a much needed getaway and the first time we both went on a trip without the babe.

We did one of those hotel arrangements where you just put in what you're willing to pay and have to actually pay for the room before you know what it is. Lady luck was certainly on our side because the travel site chose M hotel for us. Yeah it was on Top Chef Las Vegas. And it was awesome.

Ahhh Heaven. The new H&M in Caesars Palace. Well new-ish since it's taken me months to write this blog. Even so, it was glorious and I could of spent hours in there and I'm pretty sure we spent hundreds.. Luckily Devon took up Craps that weekend and we ended up gaining like $300 bucks so H&M basically gave me their clothes. Ugh I wish!

Before shopping bliss, we went to Max Brenner for a delicious meal. Poor Stephanie was sick that weekend so she didn't eat much. I'm pretty sure I ate more than enough for the both of us.

All Devon had was this tiny milkshake. Mmm he was stuffed.

They had Hash House A Go Go in our hotel, yeah it was featured on Man V. Food. We love Adam Richman. Devon had some delectable biscuits n' gravy.

I had an enormous waffle which was scrumptious. Yes those glasses are really real. I'm not just being super trendy or ironic.

The main reason for our trip..... BRANDON FLOWERS!! He played at the House of Blues obviously. It was the best concert ever!

Daniel Faraday from Lost opened for Mr. Flowers. Not really, but right?!?

Classic Brandon in his vest. He truly was amazing and "OMG SO PRETTY" according to the 13-year-old girl who was behind me. Oh wait, that's not a girl, that was Devon.

Steph and Danny at the famous or perhaps infamous Las Vegas sign.

The badonkatonks at the Vegas sign. Such a wonderful trip!! Thanks Lovios for letting us crash the birthday weekend. It was spectacular.


Lil Devy

P.S. Didja hear the news? Scroll down to the previous post... I'M PREGNANT! Sorry couldn't hold it in. Pregnancy hormones are making me carazy.


Dexter has news....

That's right. The badonkatonkas are expecting babe #2..

Dex is delighted about the news. Actually he was mostly excited because he finally got to be outside. Mommy has been sick and trying to keep this outta control 18-month-old in bed with her all day long.

It's now been changed to February 26th. Which means, based on the last birth, I will hopefully have the baby February 15th. Fingers crossed. I really don't want a leap year kid.


Devy Girl



I am finally getting around to blogging about Gaga. It was forever ago but felt like only yesterday.


The gang getting ready to be Gaga'd. Oh man we had no idea what we got ourselves into!

Before the concert we ate at a place called Tin Angel. Or Tin Roof. Or Tin Angel Roof. I dunno... It was something about Tin. I had a plate of mushrooms and one spare rib. I wish I had proof because that is what I seriously had.

Devon & sisters happy to be eating and gaga-ing.

The best part of that place. The kid-tinis! They were actually only semi-okay but I love me some mocktails! I had dreams of becoming a Coyote. As in Coyote Ugly. As in Tyra Banks. I make some mean mocktails. My signature is a cherry in every drink. That would have been my Coyote name. sigh..

Scissor Sisters on the big screen. Interesting fact- They aren't sisters. One of them is male. Pretty sure.. Like 75% sure it was a boy. The other 15% of me is thinking about that leather unitard he wore.

The three of us at the concert. Devon, myself, and my second chin. Has Paris Hilton taught me nothing?!? I should know how to pose for a camera that is below me. For shame.

One of the fifty gaga videos of the night. She kept getting bigger and bigger. Carazy.

The Lady herself. Well on the big screen. Still counts, I was in the same room as her.

Ahhh flames! Her piano playing is literally on fire.

Everyone in the group had very mixed emotions about the Gaga. Her concert was very preachy and very gay. But I can't hold it in any longer... I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even when I looked over to see my mad faced husband plugging his ears because it was just too loud for him. Whatevs, it just made me dance harder. Especially when she sang Born This Way. Devon doesn't like equality so naturally he hates that song.

And this is what we came home too.

Look how sweet!! Thanks Gma Linda for watching our little monsters while we could go be little monsters. It's a Gaga thing....


Devy Girl


It's your lucky day....

We are not making the blog private...

Lil Devy is up in arms about it. Me trying to hide that baby of ours.

So come one, come all... No it's not a picture of Dexter with his Mike Tyson tattoo.

It's better...

There you go Lil'Devy. Public for the whole world to see!

But thanks to the few who gave me their emails. I'll be sure to include you in all the chain mail I get. Just messing... Unless you believe that if you don't send that one email in the next 27 seconds, your uncle's, sister's, cat's, neighbor's, cousin will DIE!

Devy Girl


None Of Yo Business (aka going private)

Hey all.

I hope you enjoy the last leg of my 30 day blog challenge. I finally finished it and you can look at the last 3 days below.

I've let you all into my life and now I want ya'all out!

Not really. But I am going private because I plan on making the next 30 posts just pictures of Dexter and don't want no creeps creepin on them.

You know the drill. Comment with your email if you want in. And if you've seen my baby then you want in. I've got a picture of him with a self made Mike Tyson tattoo. It's glorious.


Devy Girl

day 30

day 30: photo of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days.

Alright so I've taken some pretty good photos in the last few days with my small camera but now I can't figure out which cord to use to plug it into the computer. I've tried to shove 5 different ones into the camera but it's not working. And my SD memory stick isn't picking up my SD so no picture today. Just imagine me but with dark hair now. And I got bangs!

Onto the three good things that have happened.

1. My baby has gotten even more awesome. I know right?! He has broken the barrier of what is awesome. He's basically a kid now and talks and talks and talks.

2. Even though my baby is more awesome, we did leave him for a weekend to take a much needed vacay with just couples and no kids. We slept in til 9 o'clock and it was fantastic. And Lil' Devy is a pro at craps. Basically paid for our entire trip just by rolling those hard eights and easy sevens. I don't know how to play that game.... I however lost 4 dollars because I played $1 slot machines.

3. School is almost over and I am happy. I believe that online classes are the hardest ones because you get more busy work and I've got a baby (well kid now, he's so mature) pulling on my computer cord until I pay him some attention. Oh it'll be a nice 3 week break until I go back for summer semester.

Finally finished this 30 day shred and I think I nailed it.

You probably won't be hearing from me for a good three months.


Devy Girl

day 29

day 29: put your ipod on shuffle. what are the first ten songs?

This is gonna be interesting. I have two ipods. Well an itouch and a classic because I'm nostalgic and can't let go. So I'm gonna alternate between the two because I know if I just use my itouch it'll only come up with Glee and Christmas songs.

1. Start of Something New- V.Hudge & Zac Efron

Yes it's from High School Musical. I'm not embarassed. Okay yes I am.

2. Close- Pete Yorn

I went to one of his concerts because Ben Kweller was opening. I think I've got all his CDs on my touch and don't even let him get to the first note before I change it.

3. All My Friends Are Insects- Weezer

From the Yo Gabba Gabba: Music is Awesome! CD. And no I don't listen to it if Dexter isn't around... Alright yes I do. I love the Jack Black song.

4. Come on Over- Christina Aguilera

I know this song in Spanish because of that time Christina Aguilera decided to be really Spanish.

5. Lollipop- Ben Kweller

I love BK and this song was on mine and Devsys wedding video. So sweet.

6. My Freeze Ray- Neil Patrick Harris

It's from Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog. And I think I've mentioned that in like 15 of my blog posts so if you haven't seen it yet then you best be looking elsewhere.

7. All These Things That I've Done- The Killers

I believe I mentioned it was a favorite song of mine. Still is.

8. You Give Me Something- James Morrison

I love this song and it's the only song I know by this guy. But it's a keeper.

9. Coconut Telegraph- Jimmy Buffett

My first concert was a JB one and I believe I was 8. Coincidentally that was the first time I smelled pot. Ahhh I'm a parrothead for life.

10. It's Good to Be In Love- Frou Frou

Yes it sure is Frou Frou.

So that's my ipod on shuffle. I shuffled it more than once because I didn't want every other song to be some version of Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. I've got like seven of those. I love Christmas music and I think day after Halloween is when you start listening to it.


Devy Girl

day 28

day 28: something that stresses you out

Trying to blog consistently for 30 days.

It's clearly not working and I only had 3 days left!

It's been a busy month and the badonkatonks haven't been home any weekend in April.

I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting for day 28.

So sorry to keep you waiting.

Oh and school/work stresses me out as well. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


Devy Girl


day 27

day 27: a picture of you last year and a picture of you now

Last year....

I didn't really document a lot of my face last year on account of pregnancy turning me into an adolescent acne proned teen so this is the best I've got...

This is me sporting a BumpIt. C'mon it was last year... I was so young then and wasn't in the right mindset.

Now this year...

Devon & I at The Tin Angel(?) before the Lady Gaga concert. My hair has turned into the ombre trend that isn't really a trend anymore. And it's ombred like 5 times over thanks to my at home hair coloring... I'm calling to get a hair appt as I type this... That's all. Only 3 more days of this challenge and now that I've shared so many intimate details about my life I'm probably gonna go private now just fyi. So if you want to keep reading my blog then show yourselves!! xoxo Devy Girl


day 26

day 26: a habit you wish you didn't have

This is gross so beware. A habit I wish I didn't have is picking at my nails. This is really more for Devon then me. He absolutely hates this and anytime I do it when he is around he hits me. Ha not really, he actually gets all lovey dovey and holds my hand so I am obviously not able to keep doing my gross habit. He just wishes I would clip my nails like a normal person, but not in public because he can't stand that either.


Devy Girl


day 25

day 25: plans/dreams/goals you have

Graduate college with my, what my sister calls it, fake degree. Whatevs. It still counts.

Finish decorating my house. We're on a budget ya know since we have house payments now, so Devon lets me get one thing every month. I'm so excited to finally get a mattress! Ha jk that was the first thing we put in our house. Even without a frame which is actually easier because you can just do a trust fall and land on the mattress. No jumping up to get comfy.

And.... I really wanna lose 3 pounds.


Devy Girl


day 24

day 24: favorite photo

Do I even need to explain why??


Devy Girl



Putting the 30-day blog challenge on the back burner today.

Because I want you guys to VOTE!!

I entered this picture in 97.1 zht's Baby Idol. I don't know why it's called Baby Idol because there is no singing required. Oh man if there was though... I just bought Dex a microphone and he has found his calling.

Anyway, if his picture wins then the badonkatonks get to go on a San Diego vacay! And Dexter gets a playset that's 3x bigger than our backyard. Okay we don't really have a backyard but we could probably fit it in our basement.

So go here
and vote for picture #77 which is our handsome Dexter.

And tell all your friends. If you link this post on your blog then you get good vibes.


Devy Girl


day 23

day 23: favorite recipe
Oh man I have a lot.
Me want food like all the time.
They are all from my mother. She is an amazing cook.
I always say she's Martha Stewart without the jail time.
It's not that funny, I sorry.
But I'm burnt out today and only feel like watching my child try so hard to just get the chocolate bottom of the samoa cookie. It's hilarious. And he's reading my people magazine. Like mother, like son.
Yes, yes I'm mom of the year. You don't have to tell me twice.
Devy Girl


day 22

day 22: a place you've traveled to
That'd be CHICAGO!!


While Devon was courting me, he decided to go sell alarms in Chicago for 4 months. Well he couldn't get away from me that easily because I wasn't gonna pass up a trip to the magnificent mile shops.... Oh and to see my soon to be fiancee. It's quite a magical place. It's like New York but much, much cleaner.

The Married With Children fountain. Love & Marriage... Dun da dun.. I don't know the rest of the song.

This was at Navy Pier. Also the night that Devon proposed to me. There were fireworks. Literally, they had a fireworks show and he popped the question.
Eating at the John Hancock building on like the highest floor. It was berootiful.
Yep, Chicago will always be a place that is near and dear to me.
Devy Girl


day 21

day 21: your friends

Having a scanner is so great. So many old pictures that I've come across with all my best girlfriends.

Let's start off with my best childhood friend.

It's my girl Autumn Bushman. She and I were inseperable from 1st grade up until she moved to Vegas junior year. We did everything together and I've got so many pictures to back that up. For now I will only present you with three.

Playing dress up in Vegas I believe. We traveled the world together! Well a couple of states but as kids it was the world!

Braces and crimped hair. Aww to be 14 again.

Here we are in New York for our drill team competition. Yeah we were on drill together. She cried when we both got the acceptance letter. Sorry Autumn, secrets out.

Now onto my fab five crew. Yes we had a name for our group of friends and I know you all did too so I'm not embarassed one bit.

Here we are at the disco stomp. Disregard the boys in the pic. They are not part of the fab five. The fab five are from l to r: Katie, Lizzie, Cailey, Kaitlyn, Melissa

Sometimes we would have honorary members to fill in for Melissa. We were mean. Forgive us Melly Belly!!!

Out to eat before Dogpatch. We decided to go with just girls and dress up as the "Men @ Work" crew. It was probably the best dance I've ever been to. Anyway, I got mushrooms on my pasta and Liz was so disgusted she made me cover up my food with a napkin so she didn't have to smell it.

This is when Kaitlyn and I gave Melly a makeover and she told us to refer to her as Rozlyn the entire night. Or, ya know, Roz for short.

Fab five before the senior dinner dance. All dolled up natch.

This was at our "ciao adolescence" party. It was the best of times and the worst of times because my ipod got stolen and someone threw a glass table into my pool. Katie loved to invite anybody who was anybody so I blame her. But she got her camera stolen so I can't hate too bad.

Now onto my college day friends... Yes we had a group name too.

Introducing.... The Amazing R.A.C.E!!! They be- and they all have blogs so I can highlight their names with their blog links- Russanne, Aubrey, Cailey, & Emily.

Ahhh College!!! We had some fun times in King Henry 310. Of course this is actually in a car and we had fun times in their too. We have over 30 pictures of us making random faces. Another blog post I guess...

I love all my girlfriends and I wish I saw them all more often but grownup life is carazy! Everyone is super busy and out doing their own thing. I think I'll just plan a "ciao twenties" party to get all my crews together.

And I know I blogged about these ones in my family post but if they weren't my family I'd still hang out with them. Hence, they are totally my BFFs.

The Madsen girlies. That's our crew name. Jk we don't have one. Which is weird because I love making group names..

Just getting a leg up in sunny St. George.

And a leg up at Simpable Things. We love holding up each others legs.

And of course my BFF and ever and ever would be this guy...

I love him so much and he is my BFF because he lets me do things like 'this is what you'd look like if you were a girl.'

And those are all my friends in a nutshell. They are awesome.


Devy Girl