Myrtle Beach 2010

Ahhh!! It sure has been awhile... So enough chit chat, let's get right down to it!

The Madsen fam took a trip to Myrtle beach in May and it was glorious. From the above picture you can see Dev & Dex could hardly contain their excitement.

The trip was so glorious that it was even sponsored! Jk.. My parents got us all matching pjs/hoodies and the back says all our names. Yeah we're a big family.

Dexters first flight! Sitting next to Grandma Linda! He thought she was fantastic company!

Then there's daddy on the other side! Tray tables are up and we are ready to depart! Watch out SC here we come!

Ooooh boy the badonkatonkas overpacked. Well yeah we did, but those aren't all our bags. Funny tidbit- we got like 5 people snooping around our gear thinking all the luggage was just taken off the carousel. Nope. It was all ours.

Tired Tessa. See what I did there? Alliteration. I'm smart-ish.

Kids in luggage jail. Stone thought it was ridiculous. He knew he could walk right out. And he did.

Dexs first time in a pool! He was enjoying it??

He did enjoy hanging poolside with Gpa Ted.

I know this picture seems odd but let me do some 'splainin. Chelsea, who is pregnant, saw that Stone was in his tubey but practically upside down. Now Devon & I were facing her so we didn't see Stone. I just saw panic in her face and then she took off. And I mean took off and came to Stone's rescue. I already mentioned she's pregnant right? Well I took this picture after I made sure Stone was ok. So you may see an emotional pregnant woman in this pic and yeah it is. But she's also an emotional pregnant hero.

Now after that crazy heroic story of pregnant woman saving lives, how bout some carefree waterslide pics?? Well ok!





Waterslides are super!

All tuckered out.

Phew... That was all just day 1.

In our sunday best!

Oh boy... Another picture that has an awesome story behind it. We went to a nice restaurant for Mothers Day. Sophie was feeling under the weather and while eating she let out a little burp. And then she let out another one but also had a little vomit creep up along with it. And when I say a little I mean alot. Alot of brownish, pretty sure she ate ground beef chocolate milk shake vomit. Anyway Ashlii tried catching most of the throw up and Cole kept yelling at her to take Soph to the bathroom. This was them arguing about it afterwards.
Ahhh fighting over lil' ol me??!!

Cute Rubie just enjoying a nice meal.. Oblivious to all the craziness!

Dexter was rather bored of the whole thing so he fell asleep. Babies being babies!

Babies being freakin adorable. Dex in a romper.

Cameron, the baby whisperer.

Dance party USA!

Priceless... And kinda rare to see the kids embrace like that. I mean they love each other but they also love to drive each other carazy!! Ahh!

Dex on the beach!

Daddy & son taking it all in.

First steps in the ocean....

And he...

Hated it!

This will make for a nice blog header. As soon as I can figure out how to do that... confused emoticon.

Men doing work.


Hehe. She's fallen and she can't get up! Pregnant Chelshea is the best. I actually think I'll use this one as my blog header... Classic.

The badonkatonks in our Myrtle Beach jammies.

Mom & Dad. Two of the greatest people you will ever meet! Ahh love 'em so much.

All the fam chillaxin.

Boys will be boys...

Girls just wanna have fun!

(I do hope none of you are taking my captions seriously... But we were indeed girls having fun, that is a truth fact.)

The best attempt at getting all the cousins together.

Here's a fun game for you all... Where's Alex??

(hint- he's holding Stone's hoodie thru the rocking chair so he won't run off before the flash)

One night at the villas we were staying at, they did buckets of shrimp & crab. Yeah... We were excited.

De. Lish.

Dexter was just waiting patiently for us to eat our shrimp/crab fest. We ordered about 5 buckets of each. Needless to say, he had to wait awhile.

My Dad couldn't even wait to sit down to start eating!

As a result, he got shrimp juice on Chelseas hoodie. Oh Dad!

Coleman showing us his gnarly tan.

Mommy & Dex at the AQUARIUM!!

Daddy & Dex in the shark tank! It was spectacular.

Soph on the carousel @ the boardwalk. I know right?! This girl doesn't take a bad pic.

Carter & Stone ridin' dirty.

Cousins on the dinosaur.

Oooh oooh while walking to our cars (giant 14 passenger vans) we made the mistake of walking past a build a bear. But my dad, being the fantastic grandpa that he is, decided to buy all the grandkids a stuffed animal of their choosing. Since my child is not old enough to make decisions, I decided he would enjoy this wooly mammoth.

Dexter thought it was a good choice. Wink!

Then again... maybe not.

Thanks Grandpa Ted!!

Taking 'he was never given a name' home! That's what we decided to name him. I imagine those will be Dexters first words.

The villas had a wonderful lil (not so lil and kinda dangerous) playground. Here's prego Chelshea making her way down the slide.

Ash & Rub having so much fun!!

Me. TaDa!

Cessy & her gorgeous hair. As Alex would say, "Ugh I hate your hair... I love your hair." He's so jealous.

We played a few games of shuffleboard. I am not very good at shuffleboard. But my baby daddy did me proud! I think.

Kenzie & Dexter. Adorableness.

Playing mother elephant. Delightful!

A heated game of ninja.


Another heated game of ninja. My family thought it was a made up game. But would a made up game be this hilarious??!! Yes.

Ahhh Sebey & Cessy. So cute.

Another day at the beach. This time Dex had on his stunna shades.

Devon had his stunna shades too! So sexy. Rawr!

Sandy toes. Ahh I could eat them up!! Omm Nom Nom (me making eating noises)

Building sandcastles in the sand. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Same but different. With their swimsuits and with ya know, genetics.

Ashlii relaxing.

Mom & Dad relaxing.

Sebastian just trying to love on Dexter.

Family photos on the beach. Very windy. My hair wasn't actually styled that way.

Action shots. If my body language seems nervous, it most likely was. C'mon I'm a mother and Devon is just throwing my baby into the air. Ack!

Who wore it best?? As you can see, Ashlii totally belted it. And Chelsea... did not.

Back home and so exhausted from the traveling.

Maannn.... Now that was a blog post.

To sum up, we had an awesome family vacation in Myrtle Beach. To quote the theme of the trip, we. made. it. work.

Make it work!!


Devy Girl