Oh. My. Ga… Get ready for me to freak your freak. These past 2 1/2 months I have been taking pictures like mad of my lil Dex and it ain’t gonna stop any time soon. Especially since I am getting my new camera, a Canon Rebel oohlala, in the mail this week. I’m totally going to become a photographer so if you or anyone you know would like a family session please inquire soon cuz I’m booking up fast!! Not really. I’m just going to take pictures of my dashing, darling Dexter. For now enjoy these pictures from my small yet gets the job done digital camera. Oh and also ones I stole from my mom and Devs mom. Thanks guys!
Dexter in his newsies cap. Carrying the banner at one day old.Dex in his cute outfit from his grandparents. Just having a ‘whale’ of a time. Oh lol.Dex & Dad all ready for church. Dex & Dad all done with church and taking a nap. Dexter & Mom. Look at those chubby cheeks. Our first night out sans Dexter. We went to a piano bar. It was carazy! Refer to my sister’s blog for all the haps of that night. There were lesbians making out right in front of us!!Oh this was actually our first night sans Dexter. My bad. We went to a Rolling Stones cover band. It was glorious once everyone in the audience was drunk and dancing in the aisles. Ow!Dex & Mom all ready for church.Devon giving his boy a smooch. Dexter was alright with it.About to take a bath. Look at that chunk. He’s awesome.The badonkatonks on Dexters blessing day!The Madsen family on Dexs blessing day. Notice Stone & Sebastian. I love this picture so much because they hate this picture so much.The Tonks family on Dexs blessing day. All came from California to share this joyous occasion. It was wonderful!All the grandkids of the Madsen clan.Dexter with his cousin Tysen. They’re gonna be best of friends and also, I have a feeling, beat the crap out of each other. Boys will be boys.Dexter in his “Burt Reynolds” pose. He knows how to work a camera.The day he got his 2 month shots in those meaty legs. That chunk is in the 90th percentile for weight. Mamas so proud.His valentine’s gift from a secret admirer. Such a hot shot.The photo speaks for itself.As does this one. But look how happy he is to be 2 months old!
I have so many more photos but I want to hang out with my guys and watch our shows (loving the Bachelor and we don't care who knows it!!) so I'll leave you all with this adorable video.
Devy Girl