Holy Blog Post Batman!

Ooooh boy. I haven't blogged in 4eva, so get ready to see some stuff cuz the badonkatonkas have had a fairly busy few weeks. We're too awesome! Lots o great pictures down below. Here goes.
This is Dev & Caiz waiting in line to go see Ben Kweller. I bet you thought the store in the background has some significance but it doesn't. Sorry to burst your bubble.
This is Devon waiting at the concert taking a picture with what he thought was a boy. Or did he think it was a girl? We weren't quite sure of the gender. You be the judge.
We got slap bracelets. Ch-ch-ch check it. So 1997.
This picture is a lil carazy but I'll have you notice that good ol' BK is holding his child Dwayne Keller. He came out for a 2nd encore and played BINGO while his son (who is like 3 years old) played the drums. It was awesomely adorable. Or adorably awesome.
This is Devon in a cupcake apron. Hehe.
Ces needed to drain the pineapples but hated the fact that it just goes to waste in the sink. So Devon offered up his mouth. Pineapple juice unwasted!
Here's a close up. Yes she really poured most of that pineapple juice in Dev's mouth.
So my parents were in charge of the food at youth conference and it was at Camp Williams so the theme was ARMY! That's my dad getting pretty into it. Sargent Ted. He also had an apron.
Stone & Sebastian helping with the deco at youth conference. We put tape on their heads. Stone didn't believe, he had to take a look himself.
This is Devon trying on all my dad's army gear. Notice the apron now into the mix, and also a full on camo shirt. Naturally we made him go outside and blend into the greenery so we can try to find him.
And we finally did after 5 minutes. He's behind that bush. I could hear his voice so I just shot in that direction. I couldn't actually see him... Good camo.
We finally found him so Stone & I attacked him while Tessa watched.
Just being silly. Ahhh!
Again, being silly. This time we were able to figure out the flash on my camera.
Now onto what has been going on quite recently. The Utah Arts Festival! My dad is like Mr. Arts Fest and has been for like 20 years. All the Madsen kids help count the money and boy do we have a good time. I've got pictures to prove it.
The sisters in our matching shirts, flashing our all access passes. I'm sure both my sisters will have a picture very similar to this one on their blogs because we made my brother take the pic like 5 times. Thanks Cam. Yes we also have matching tie dye headbands. I mean it is the Arts Festival.
The Madsen girls making the first deposits of the day. We just had to document it mainly because Cam was sick of taking pictures. Hehe classic Cam.
Ces was pretending to flick rubber bands at Cam and he was scared. It. Was. Funny. But you know what was even more funny? When I lifted my hand to fix my hair and he flinched like you wouldn't believe. He hates rubber bands and me fixing my hair apparently. Hehe classic Cam.
Chelsea wanted Cam to go get her a diet coke but he didn't so she was all "Oh Cam you are such a D Bag" and then he found a deposit bag that said "D Bag" so we documented the two D Bags side by side. Hehe, say it with me, classic Cam.
Oooh oooh this is a great story. So since my dad is Mr. Arts Fest, he gets to wear a colored shirt while all of us little people only get to wear the white shirts. Cam has always been his "number 2" or "assistant to Ted Masen (the name on my dads all access pass)" for who knows how long! All Cam has ever wanted was to be able to wear that colored shirt but each year it never happens. Well look who waltzed in with a green shirt.... Cecily! Granted it was my dad's extra one because this is a 4 day event and it's gross to wear the same shirt every day but she got to feel what it was like to be green, not white. So naturally, she bumped herself up to my dad's "number 2." Here's some pictures to show she means business!
This is Cecily reprimanded Cameron while my Dad proudly beams.
This is my dad (in the green) with Cecily (in the green) and in the back is Cam (not in the green) with his head down. Oh how he just wanted a colored shirt.
Number 2! Hehe Jk Cam. You'll get that green shirt one day.

Ooh ooh now this is another great story. There were wheelchairs in the room we were stationed in so Dev & Cole decided to murderball! Yeah MURDERBALL!

Then Devon was all "look I can balance on the wheels" but really his foot was on a box in front of him. Cole really thought he was balancing and he would not be upstaged! So Cole tried to balance as well, and it did not go over as planned.

This is Cole on the ground after he fell backwards. We all laughed for a few minutes and took pictures. Then we did the appropriate thing and asked if he was okay. It was great.

Devon to the rescue!!!

All the girls again. Do you notice something on my forehead? No? Well then....
Here's a closeup. Cecily thought I was a check so she endorsed me with the UAF stamp. It was after midnight so I didn't see it coming. I'm usually so quick on my toes..
Wow. That was a big post. I'm exhausted. Welp, until another 3 weeks...
Devy Girl
P.S. I have a feelin there's gonna be a huge gap yet again. I do apologize. If any of you have a "blogging for dummies" book, I need it.
Seriously, there is a HUGE space between the end of this post and where you can leave comments.. So just because you can't see it yet doesn't mean the comment section isn't there. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Even the haters. I think I can take it... Although I must remind you I am pregnant and I can't believe you would dare to leave a hateful comment to a pregnant woman. Hehe I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm pregnant. We've got names picked out. I think they are awesome, Dev's still on the fence with a few. Apparently Usher Jennifer Hudson Tonks doesn't scream our baby. Hehe jk, that's from The Office. Alright, that should clear up some of the gap. Grr.

**Update... Chelsea told me how to fix the gap. Tada! And also, Ben Kweller's son is named Dorian, not Dwayne. My bad. Thanks again Chelshea.


I want to go to there...

So this is a giveaway shout out! Hey oh! Grosgrain is giving away a fabulous dress from Shabby Apple and I want it! Here's the link that I must put on my blog so you can all go to there too and see the fabulousness of this dress.


I know I will soon have a pregnant belly or as my sisters hope I will be fat everywhere and never be able to get rid of it (aww so sweet) but this dress will totally be my leather pants (Friends reference, love that Pheebs) that I will be determined to fit into once my lil one is born. So fingers crossed eh? Anyway...

Devy Girl


It's official....

That's right. Now that I have my baby ticker countdowns, it's legit. We're seriously having a baby! See, proof, over to the right ------->
Oh man, get ready for baby talk galore... Everytime I write Lil Devy now, it's gonna be Widdle Devy cuz I'm practing for ya know, baby talk. Jk my blog will still be profound and all that hoopla, but it's gonna be all about babies... or the roller derby, which we are going to this weekend. It's a double header!! Go Dirty Pirate Hooker!
Devy Girl
P.S. I'm a celebrity get me out of here was gonna be our new discussion topic since Speidi was on it... But now they're gone... and widdle Devy's a widdle angry.