Oh well HELLO!
Just thought I'd do a lil bloggin before baby comes. Look over @ my baby ticker ---->
only 15 more days to go! Jigga wha?! That means only like 50 days til I actually blog about his birth. Sorry bloggin is oh so difficult for the badonktonkas. Sad face. Harumph.
Anyway, I'll try to make this blog post up right nice. Here are some pics...
I had a friends shower a few weeks ago. It was awesomely amazing! Here's the whole group. Just me and my best girlfriends. Woo!This is me pregnant. That shirt is very flowy so it adds like 10 pounds. Plus ya know how they say "the camera adds 10 pounds". So in all, that's about 20 pounds of optical illusions.This is another picture from my shower. These are the girls who stayed for the after party. Holla! Great times.I had a family/friends shower too and it was also awesomely amazing. This is me opening presents. So exciting! Ahhh!!My sweet mother got my baby his blessing outfit. Isn't it j'adorable? Yeah after he gets blessed I plan on using various pieces of that outfit in his everyday wardrobe. I mean can you just imagine how cute that vest would be with some jeans?! Oh for crying out loud!!
The badonkatonkas @ our wonderful thanksgiving dinner. It was at the Grand America and it. was. delicious. That's us with a cream puff swan! Yes I ate that whole thing. Baby wanted it and what my baby wants my baby gets.
My lovely parents who took us to this grand feast. Ahh love em so much! They also took us to see New Moon afterwards. My dad loved it. And by loved, I mean hated. And by my dad I mean all of us. I'm Team The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock.This is us in front of an exquisite gingerbread house. Now remember I just ate a huge thanksgiving feast so my belly not only contains a regular baby, but a "food baby" as well. But isn't my hubby oh so cute. I pray everynight that baby will inherit his incredible locks.

So... those are the only pictures we have from the last month. Not even kidding. We don't take many pictures. But we did get a camcorder on black Friday so get ready for some youtube inspired videos! We've already taped spoofs of "Charlie bit my finger" and "David after Dentist".

That's all..

Devy Girl


This Is Happening.....

Are you afraid?
Don't be! It's just the badonkatonkas bloggin again!!
The above pic is my hot hubby in his halloween costume. He just had to had to HAD TO be Edward from Twilight. As you can see we went a lil crazy with the white makeup. And ya can't tell in the pic but we used my craft glitter spray all over his chest... Luckily he didn't break out in hives.
Anyway, here are some random pics from the past few months. Not a whole lot of them cuz I don't take pictures much. My bad. That's gonna really change once we have our baby, I just know it. You'll be begging me to stop showing all the pics, but prob not because our baby is gonna be awesome! Not just awesome, he's gonna be awww-a whole bunch. (That's from HIMYM if you didn't get it.. If you didn't get it, I suggest you start watching HIMYM.) This is my brother Cole and I having a dance off in robot 'stumes. I won. Domo Arigato.We got new outfits for church so that calls for a photo sesh. We really loved our new tights. TJ Maxx in St. George knows what is up.

This is from Simpable Things. We gots ourselves some liquid leggins' ow! We love holding up each others legs.

Simpable Things again. Devon didn't have his 'uniform' on yet. Here you can kinda see my ever growing belly. We were making a heart with our hands over it. Ah we heart my belly.
We took a trip down to California cuz Devon's bro Dallin had his homecoming talk AND our new lil nephew Tysen had his baby blessing. The Tonks' know how to conveniently plan events. What a good looking bunch all in our Sunday best!
Devon & Sebastian just having a laugh.
The Badonkatonkas being silly. Ah.
Yep, that's all the pictures I have. Hope they were enjoyed by the 8 of you that read this. Devon doesn't have a Hills update becuase gasp he doesn't watch it anymore. I know!! He just really misses L.C. Don't we all Devy, don't we all.
Devy Girl