Everything is Simpable...

It's that time of the year again! Simpable Things is back and sooo good. Not only are there many accessories with pizazz, there will also be a feast of food exclusively from the Simpable Things cookbook (which will also be on sale.) Come one, come all and totally spend your hubby's money while he's at the Priesthood session of conference. He won't ever have to know. Yahtzee!
P.S. For those of you who may not know, "Simpable Things" is a lil bidness my mom and her bff +bff's daughter concocted a few 6 or 7 years ago. And every October and April they have their biggest party ever, with each year it just gets bigger and bigger! Seriously, it used to be just in our basement but my sweet mother has blinged out her whole main floor as well. To quote the Canadian series Degrassi, it so goes there... 100% intense!
P.S.S. If you're wondering where this word "Simpable" came from, well wonder no more. Because I'm going to tell you. My niece Mckenzie who was like 2 years old at the time (she was what you might call a "wunderkind" babe) would just go around singing with glee "the trees are so simpable, this chair is so simpable, everything is simpable lalala" and there you have it. Thank you Mckenzie for making everything so delightfully "simpable."
Anyway, now that you know the entire history of "Simpable Things" won't you please join us? The info is enclosed on both the pic above and below. Woo!


Looks like we made it...

Well, it's official... The Badonka Tonkas have been married for exactly one year... and a day. Yes, I would have posted yesterday but I was too busy being in loooove with that man'o'mine. Anywho.. It was a pretty awesome day. We woke up to pouring rain and then my mom called to say that it just goes to show you should never have a garden reception on September 22nd. Silly us. I worked all day but came home to flowers and a very clean "condo" (yes our apt is called a condo, if you call it an apt in front of the neighbors you'll be very sorry as Devon has learned.) We, as a loving couple, then watched Dr. Horrible's sing along blog which is so good. NPH at his finest! (NPH is Neil Patrick Harris for those who don't love him, which should be a small amount.) Then we went to downtown SLC and ate at the delicious Melting Pot. It was also so good. Devon thought our waiter was flirting with me but then he started telling us that he really wants to do makeup as a living so Devon stopped being so jealous. But the food was awesome.. Meat, meat and more meat. Who could ask for me? Well I could ask for chocolate fondue flambeed tableside. Ooohlala. My wish was granted and it was pure magic. We ended the night doing what any couple would do on their anniversary... Watched all the shows we dvr'ed because we were out on the town all night. Devon's gonna blog about Gossip Girl in a later post. He cannot believe that Serena Van der Woodsen. Oh, we also exchanged gifts... My lil'Devy got me Burberry perfume which is so good. He got a big one and a lil one to stick in my purse so I can always smell delectable. That Devo, always looking out for me. I stuck to the paper tradition and wrote him a poem that ended with two tickets to Metallica! Devon's theme song is "one" so I naturally thought these tickets would go over well with him. All in all, it was the best first anniversary ever. I am quite excited for the next 50 or so years with my adorable husband.
Devy Girl (but it's really Cailey)

P.S. If you're wondering why I used the phrase "so good" soo many times, then watch Dr. Horribles. It's so good.


Yes, yes I know...

It is September 18th. Yes I know this. But I also know that it's never too soon to get ready for Hallow's Eve!! Only 42 days till the big day and the Badonka Tonkas don't even have a costume yet. Devon really wants to be a sexy maid.. Him and dresses.. I dunno?? Jk I made him wear last years costume. He was really nervous but totally embraced it. (That's Devo with the red wig, standing next to me, Spidaman, in case you didn't know.) I hope you all enjoy my blog backround because it will be staying like that up until Oct. 31st and most likely a few months after. Blogging is tuff stuff.
Devy Girl



I consider myself tagged by Chelsea. Any reason to blog, geez! I was about to blog all about last nights "The Hills" but it would have been the longest post... Especially if Devon was helping me write it! He loves L.C. and the gang so much. Anyway.. This was the perfect time to be tagged because it's almost the Badonka Tonkas one year anniversary! And this tag is all about loving my husband so here goes...
1- Where did you meet? You can refer to my past post all about my hubby. But I'll also tell you.. We met at King Henry 310. Whoop whoop.
2- How long did you date before you were married? Officially, 8 months. Unofficially, 4 months because he was in a different state for the other four.
3- How long have you been married for? 359 days.. And loving every minute of it!! HEY OH!
4- What does he do that surprises you? Swears. Ah the truth is out. But I dunno how many of you would consider it swearing because he really only says the H word. And that's shocking. One time he told my sisters I was getting a fat a--, and he really said it.. Mind freaked?
5- What's your favorite feature about him? His hair. Even when he makes me play with it for hours and hours. It's soo soft. It's magic.
6- What's your favorite quality about him? Heee's Quirky! Woo. Not really. He's so adorable.. Like he does things that are so sweet/freakin adorable and I just wanna pinch his cheeks.
7- Does he have a nickname for you? What is it? It's too risque to blog. JK. It's "woman." As in, "hey woman I'm hungry." Ha not really. He calls me baby girl a lot. But he says it like he's a rapper so it always makes me wanna pop and lock... and jam and break.
8- What's his favorite color? Grink? Blurple? A mixture of things.
9- What's his favorite food? That's a toughie.. He gets pretty excited over mashed potatoes. He has a hearty appetite. Another adorable quality.
10-What is his favorite sport? He dabbles in a lot of things so I really can't place my finger on one.. Well done Lil' Devy!
11- Who said I love you first? Technically he made me. He said "I'm falling for you" and I said "well I love you." Sneaky, sneaky...
12- When and where was your fist kiss? It was sometime in Dec. of '07. We had a "Christmas movie snuggle fest" at KH310 and he totally kissed me on our couch. It was weird because my roommate and his roommate were basically right next to us. But I still got butterflies.
13-What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Eat and watch "The Hills" while dancing. Yes, we dance to the music of "The Hills" and we're pretty good at it.
14-Do you have kids? How many? Sometimes I consider Devon as my kid. He just loves playing video games and getting away with not doing his chores.. But seriously, we don't have kids.. yet.
15- What's a hidden talent that he has? He can do the human pretzel.. Just ask him. He happily do it for you.
16- How old is he? 23. He's so old.
17- What's his favorite type of music? In all honesty, straight up gangsta rap. And Metallica. And Colbie Calait.
18- What do you admire most about him? I admire how he "sticks to his guns." I don't even know if I got that saying right, but in my head I'm making sense.
19-What's his favorite past time? Playing Call of Duty. Ask me that again in 5 years and I'll have the same answer for ya.
20- Do you think he is going to read this? Yes. If I tell him, he will come.. and read my awesome post about how much I love my Devy.

I tag... All my blogger friends. Just look to the right and maybe scroll up or down a lil and if your name is on there then tag, you're it!



Ahhhh! Here he is, Sebastian Ted Smith. He was born yesterday at about 8:22 A.M. He was 7.2 oz. and 21 inches long. I had to refer to Chelsea's blog for the exact stats. I'm not a mother yet so all this is so crazy to me! But what was most crazy is how Ces went in about 7:30 in the morn and by 8:30 she looked like she just did a photo shoot. Seriously Cessy, you looked good. Anyway he is awesome and I think he finally got his name late last night. It was pretty much in the stars because everytime Stone would point to his mom's belly he would yell "SEBEY!!!" so naturally, the boy would be called Sebastian. They were unsure of the middle name though. It was between Ted because that's my dads name and Red because that's my dads name on things he gets in the mail (sometimes it's even Bishop Red Madsen). The pic below is, according to Devon, the aftermath of him getting punched in the eye. He still looks so adorable. Ah love him so much. Well done Smiths.
Welp that's pretty much my post for the day... I've been getting praises for how clever my blog is so now I really feel like the pressure is on. Yikes! I don't have much else to blog about.. Devon did suggest one thing but it doesn't have the full effect until I scan the "postcard" onto my comp. Pretty much everyday I get the mail I've been getting these giant if you can even call them postcards from the Utah pet center. I've gotten them so much that I plan to call them and ask them why they chose our address and do they keep sending them until they get a response? Seriously, I don't get mad easily but this is getting ridiculous. I don't have pets and if I did I wouldn't be taking them to the fun dome (which is where the pet center resides in) and have people just like, ya know, hang out with them or whatever they do at pet centers. Oooh boy I'm just so passionate about this! (hehe... Ashlii) But for realsy, I'm gonna call them. Alright.. that's all. Happy Labor Day! And Gossip Girl premiere night... You all know we're fans!
Devy Girl