Looks like we made it...

Well, it's official... The Badonka Tonkas have been married for exactly one year... and a day. Yes, I would have posted yesterday but I was too busy being in loooove with that man'o'mine. Anywho.. It was a pretty awesome day. We woke up to pouring rain and then my mom called to say that it just goes to show you should never have a garden reception on September 22nd. Silly us. I worked all day but came home to flowers and a very clean "condo" (yes our apt is called a condo, if you call it an apt in front of the neighbors you'll be very sorry as Devon has learned.) We, as a loving couple, then watched Dr. Horrible's sing along blog which is so good. NPH at his finest! (NPH is Neil Patrick Harris for those who don't love him, which should be a small amount.) Then we went to downtown SLC and ate at the delicious Melting Pot. It was also so good. Devon thought our waiter was flirting with me but then he started telling us that he really wants to do makeup as a living so Devon stopped being so jealous. But the food was awesome.. Meat, meat and more meat. Who could ask for me? Well I could ask for chocolate fondue flambeed tableside. Ooohlala. My wish was granted and it was pure magic. We ended the night doing what any couple would do on their anniversary... Watched all the shows we dvr'ed because we were out on the town all night. Devon's gonna blog about Gossip Girl in a later post. He cannot believe that Serena Van der Woodsen. Oh, we also exchanged gifts... My lil'Devy got me Burberry perfume which is so good. He got a big one and a lil one to stick in my purse so I can always smell delectable. That Devo, always looking out for me. I stuck to the paper tradition and wrote him a poem that ended with two tickets to Metallica! Devon's theme song is "one" so I naturally thought these tickets would go over well with him. All in all, it was the best first anniversary ever. I am quite excited for the next 50 or so years with my adorable husband.
Devy Girl (but it's really Cailey)

P.S. If you're wondering why I used the phrase "so good" soo many times, then watch Dr. Horribles. It's so good.


Lovio Fam said...

Congrats on your 1 year! I am glad that you are so happy and enjoying the adventure that is marriage. Have fun at the Metallica concert. :)

aubrey. said...

a year?! what? whoa... seems like just yerterday you two were canoodling on the 310 sofa!
but really.

hey remember when your devy almost got us all taken to jail?
that was so cool- and if by cool you think I mean, the scariest police chase ever that made me sweat and scared and kinda want to cry- then you are right.

so glad you two are still alive and in love and all that good stuff! one year WOO!
congrats... guess its time for the babies!
ha- oh please have a baby!

EmilyJane said...

Yeah! Caiz and Devo. I mith you guys. Wow. Has it really been one year? That is so crazy! I love you guys. You better start having babies so auntie sweatband can play with.... it. LOVE YOU GUYS!