The results are in...

We have a weiner!!!
That's right! The badonkatonkas are having ourselves a lil baby badonka BOY! We were a tad surprised because all the old wives tales and that Chinese gender predictor all pointed to girl (stupid Chinese, stick with technology & lo mein) but are so happy that we'll be having a lil guy to add to our amazing family.
I can not wait for this to come out of me in 4 months....
'Ello Mommy!!!!
Seriously though, he better have that great head of hair. I mean look at those luscious locks!
And check out all the handsome clothes he's already got! My mom got me a lil "starter kit" for badonkababy and could you just die?! I mean for crying out loud how cute are these clothes?! Thanks Mom for helping my baby look uber fashionable.
Yippee! Hooray! A baby boy! Ahhh we are so excited to meet him, he's gonna be awesome.

Devy Girl


I have a theme for the baby's nursery...

Do you love it?

Yes. Pastel potraits of the cast of "The Hills" in their most distraught moments. I plan on painting the baby's room flesh colored of course, to go with Spencer's flesh colored beard. And then I will stencil the babe's room with the most precious quotes from past episodes such as "Change my life, try" and "Homeboy wore boots to the beach" ya know stuff that will really help my child grow and learn. Okay I'm not really doing that, but seriously how much do you love these paintings? Don't worry I've already contacted the artist to tell her thank you for bringing these into my life and asking where I can buy them. Cross your fingers she replies soon. Lil Devy's happiness just got a whole lot awesomier. When I showed him these, he immediately went into art connoisseur mode saying how each piece intricately captures the emotion of the character, right down to the black mascara tear on Lauren's cheek. So incredible. Anyway, here is a link if you'd like to know more about the wonderfulness that are these potraits. Like I said earlier, change my life... try.

Devy Girl

P.S. We find out the sex of the baby in 5 days! Who wants to guess what it'll be. You have a 50% chance of being right. Winner gets to come eat lunch with us in the hospital cafeteria after our appt. Yes, that's a huge honor, not because it's with us, but because that food is incredible. I might just go have lunch there today. I'm crazy like that. Woo.