This. Is. Happening.  I don't know what came over me but I decided that it's time to start blogging again..  I have a bajillion pictures that I was trying to put onto a contact sheet in Photoshop, that I was trying to make in a poster, that I was trying to get printed, and I just thought whilst I'm trying to figure all that out, I might as well do a blog post.  So weird.  Blogging is still a thing right?  Like for normal people?  Well I need to be better about journaling anyway...  So I am doing it!  I've got my arms around my babe and I am tip tap typing away..  Oh yeah that's right, we have a new addition..

Theodore Russel Tonks
He's awesome.
This kiddo was born on November 23rd, 2013.  He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces (although if any of you saw our xmas card/birth announcement, I put he was 7 ounces 13 pounds.  Clearly I'm a tad sleep deprived.  What do ya want from me?!  I just had a baby!)
It has been so great having him around and having three has not been as terrifying as I thought it would.  I've been brave and we've gone on a few outings just me and the boys which is hilarious because I've got Teddy in the carseat or baby bjorn, Landry holding my hand, Dexter holding Landry's hand, and a whole lot of strange looks from people.  Yes I know we are crazy to have three kids that are four and under but we love it.
Enough chit chat... More pictures!!
The Family
The Brothers

And the baby.  I mean... Could you just???

For crying out loud he's adorable!

#teddygram (I can use hashtags on blogger right??)

Oh we're so great.  And I'm also aware that I live in a house with four boys and when the time comes to have another (which will probably be in a year given how crazy we are) that child will probably be a boy and it's cool because my boys are quite incredible and I love them all madly (#runonsentencemuch).
So that is what's going on with the badonkatonks.  Just living it up quite nice.  Like I said I've got so many pictures and hopefully I will get around to doing another post.  I'm mainly avoiding a giant pile of laundry but at least I'm not just surfing around Pinterest.  I'm blogging for posterity or some crap like that.
Wow.. this blog post only took me like ten minutes..  I for reals may keep this up.  Don't hold your breath though.
Devy Girl


Oh boy...

So I hardly ever blog but merely look on my page so I can jump to other blogs from my blog roll.  I looked on the ol blog today and clearly someone has toggled with it.  For instance I did not put a picture of a tennis net to the right, nor did I put pictures of Google maps or 'signature styles' in my various post.  Needless to say, I'm going private for reals.  If you want in on this then please comment on here with your email address or email me at caileytonks {at} hotmail {dot} com.  One day I will blog again...  Or I will just continue to Instagram so if anybody wants to follow me on that then let me know!

Devy Girl (this is really Cailey for those of you who have been thinking that this entire time Devon runs the blog, he only wrote the post about Lady Gaga.)


Family of Four

Can you believe it? The badonkatonkas are now with two children!
Our little Landry Elton Tonks came into our world on February 16th, 2012.
He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 22 inches long.
He's gonna be our football player
(and no we are not football people, I was not aware of the Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry before we named our child)
Anyway, he is so wonderful and we are so happy to finally have him here!
Just a few pics..

Here's our little family of four.
Dexter approves. For the most part.

And here is our family of four all cleaned up.
Got these done at a place in Lehi called Camera Shy and I am seriously going there every 6 months now. Love that place.

Two brothers.
Dex really has been such a great big brother.
I was worried and don't get me wrong, the big bro has had his moments but mostly he is so fascinated and in love with his lil bro Landry.

And finally... A shot of the one and only, Landry Elton Tonks!
Ahhh I love him so much!!!
He is in his crib right now and I miss him..

I wish I could say that I will be blogging more about our many adventures as the fab four but I really can't make any promises. I mean I'm a mother of two now people! But I'm obsessed with instagram so if you need a daily dose of Dex & Landry then go ahead and follow me on there.

Devy Girl


You Say It's Your Birthday...

Happy 2nd birthday to Dexter!!!

I can't believe my baby is now two and no longer a baby. He is basically a little man with a mind of his own and we love every bit of him. Even if he is actually taking advantage of the term 'terrible twos'. He might act a little horrible at times but it's super adorable watching him sit in a time out.

Isn't he the cutest?!? Have to give credit to Devon's aunt Kristy Woolf for taking this picture. And it is classic Dexter because he is holding a pair of keys. This kid is obsessed with keys. And not the ones that you get out of a bin marked 'useless' at Home Depot. He wants the legit ones that people actually need to drive their cars, complete with an unlock/lock button. He is pretty good at keeping tabs on them, except the rare occasion that he is not (sorry Steph, I bet if he came to your house right now he would be able to find them for you).

Happy happy birthday Dexter!! Right now we are celebrating by watching the Lady Gaga performance on Ellen for about the 67th time. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. This kid loves his Gaga almost as much as he loves his Ellen. I've raised him well.

Devy Girl


Happy Anniversary!!

We have been married 4 years today.

I don't have any wedding pictures on this computer but I would have put this pic up anyway...

Happy Anniversary to my Lil' Devy!!

Can't believe it's been 4 years.

That means we've known each other almost 5 years!

For realsy, sometimes it's like we're still strangers. Keeps it interesting.

Anyway thanks for marrying me and helping me produce 1 and a quarter children.


Devy Girl

P.S. That quarter child.. Yeah we know what gender it is. But I'm waiting until I get pictures of our gender reveal cake from my sisters to blog reveal it. So Chels or Ces can I have them please?


Love on Top

Oh man I love when I am pregnant with relevant and fabulous celebrities.

Last pregnancy I was sharing my baby bump with all the E! reality stars...

But I'm good with sharing baby joy with Beyonce.

And if these rumors are true I will be beyond thrilled!!

Yes when I became pregnant one of my first thoughts was which celebrity will share my due date. That's how my brain works. I am one of those people who refer to celebs by their first name. Lady B & Jen & I will be so cute together!!

More posts to come soon hopefully... I've still got our Myrtle Beach trip that we took waaay back in April to blog about.


Devy Girl


Welcome to Fabulous...


Yes this trip happened 3 months ago but it's still very near and dear to my heart so I had to share it. Plus Devon is out of town and I'm holding off on watching the last 4 episodes of Pretty Little Liars because I don't want to be caught up ever. What's the fun in waiting a week to see what crazy antics A will get the girls into? So I'm blogging... I may just blog about Myrtle Beach too. But most likely not. Don't get your hopes up.

We had a weekend away from our lil Dex and joined Steph&Danny for a wonderful trip to Vegas. It was a much needed getaway and the first time we both went on a trip without the babe.

We did one of those hotel arrangements where you just put in what you're willing to pay and have to actually pay for the room before you know what it is. Lady luck was certainly on our side because the travel site chose M hotel for us. Yeah it was on Top Chef Las Vegas. And it was awesome.

Ahhh Heaven. The new H&M in Caesars Palace. Well new-ish since it's taken me months to write this blog. Even so, it was glorious and I could of spent hours in there and I'm pretty sure we spent hundreds.. Luckily Devon took up Craps that weekend and we ended up gaining like $300 bucks so H&M basically gave me their clothes. Ugh I wish!

Before shopping bliss, we went to Max Brenner for a delicious meal. Poor Stephanie was sick that weekend so she didn't eat much. I'm pretty sure I ate more than enough for the both of us.

All Devon had was this tiny milkshake. Mmm he was stuffed.

They had Hash House A Go Go in our hotel, yeah it was featured on Man V. Food. We love Adam Richman. Devon had some delectable biscuits n' gravy.

I had an enormous waffle which was scrumptious. Yes those glasses are really real. I'm not just being super trendy or ironic.

The main reason for our trip..... BRANDON FLOWERS!! He played at the House of Blues obviously. It was the best concert ever!

Daniel Faraday from Lost opened for Mr. Flowers. Not really, but right?!?

Classic Brandon in his vest. He truly was amazing and "OMG SO PRETTY" according to the 13-year-old girl who was behind me. Oh wait, that's not a girl, that was Devon.

Steph and Danny at the famous or perhaps infamous Las Vegas sign.

The badonkatonks at the Vegas sign. Such a wonderful trip!! Thanks Lovios for letting us crash the birthday weekend. It was spectacular.


Lil Devy

P.S. Didja hear the news? Scroll down to the previous post... I'M PREGNANT! Sorry couldn't hold it in. Pregnancy hormones are making me carazy.