You Say It's Your Birthday...

Happy 2nd birthday to Dexter!!!

I can't believe my baby is now two and no longer a baby. He is basically a little man with a mind of his own and we love every bit of him. Even if he is actually taking advantage of the term 'terrible twos'. He might act a little horrible at times but it's super adorable watching him sit in a time out.

Isn't he the cutest?!? Have to give credit to Devon's aunt Kristy Woolf for taking this picture. And it is classic Dexter because he is holding a pair of keys. This kid is obsessed with keys. And not the ones that you get out of a bin marked 'useless' at Home Depot. He wants the legit ones that people actually need to drive their cars, complete with an unlock/lock button. He is pretty good at keeping tabs on them, except the rare occasion that he is not (sorry Steph, I bet if he came to your house right now he would be able to find them for you).

Happy happy birthday Dexter!! Right now we are celebrating by watching the Lady Gaga performance on Ellen for about the 67th time. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. This kid loves his Gaga almost as much as he loves his Ellen. I've raised him well.

Devy Girl