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Hey oh! Welp here's a pic from the roller derby. Notice Devon & Lady wearing glasses in the exact same pose. Right down to the wide open mouth and fist pump.
This is really all I have for now.. I'm expecting a really decent blog post come day after Halloween. It'll involve canning dry goods, Harry Potter, Quidditch Harry Potter, Dirty Harry Potter, Carrie Potter, and Devon in a webisode about The Hills. He just can't believe that Audrina.
Til then...
Devy Girl


Scarecrows, Pumpkins, and Lez Zepplin...


What a weekend, what a weekend... Thanks to my SIL Ashlii we all went to Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point & It. Was. Awesome. Here are the pics to prove just how awesome...

This here is Sophie Kate launching her handmade rocket. It was pink.Here is Rubie, a little unsure of the rocket launching.This guy was in the movie "Space Jam" starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. Devon & Alex may look cheerful, but actually they were pretty terrified. Oh, his name is Shawn Bradley. Omg Devo was so excited when Cecily got there. He was all "Ahh it's CeeSaw (nicknames..) I'm gonna give her some of my snowie!!" Well he gave her a bite(one) of his first snowie. He was more protective of his 2nd one. Stoney getting his face did. He was Stone-acula!! Ah! Ah! Ah! Tessa wasn't really up to going in the bounce maze.. So Dev thought he might as well finish what he started.. And repeat it 10 times. I know you can't quite read that sign but it said "Ages 5 & Under Only!" Above the sign are Devon's shoes.. He was in the bounce house.
"Make it look up here..." I can't take cred for that line. It was on the office.
This is Fall time Sebey. A lil' Pumkin in the Pumpkins. Tee hee.

This was attempt 2 of this photo. I caught Soph off guard the 1st time. She made sure she was in her signature pose for this one. I asked if she wanted to do a goofy pic and she pushed her hair outta her face & simply said.. no. Love it.
Now this was like attempt 8 of this pic. Priceless. After like an hour of waiting we got to ride this awesome train that we nearly broke. I made sure Tess was in the pic by eating her hand. We look out for each other. Ooohh boy. The Scarecrow Festival sure wore us out. But oh no the day wasn't over. It hardly even begun.
Later that night we had the great honor of going to the roller derby! It was my first time but certainly not my last, especially since "Lez Zepplin" totally beat down another girl right in front of us. Devon jumped up, Ces almost dropped Sebey, it was that awesome.

We were so happy to be at the roller derby. It was even the championship game! And we were practically front row because my BIL Zach knows a girl on the team "Dirty Pirate Hooker." Pure happiness.

(Don't mind Tessa's sty on the right bottom corner.. It's always trying to take over the pic.)

Yes, yes it was quite a fun weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it all possible. And I have to agree w Ces on this pic (sorry I stole it from your blog), we really are like the cast of Degrassi. Whatever it takes, we know we can make it through. Especially when you have DPH on your side.

P.S. I don't know why there is a huge space down here.. I truly apologize.


Devy Girl.



I was tagged by Ashlii annnd Chelsea.. I put it off, but like Chels, I realized I ALSO love tags and I ALSO love blogging.. So, natch, I just had to do it. (natch means "of course" which I believe I figured out just a mere few months ago, natch.)
Three names I go by-
2:K-Weee (Stone says it like that but in such a "I look down on you" way. It's adorable.)
3:Kelly (My dad calls me that when he is being my boss.. Scuse me, I mean Mr. Madsen.)
Three restaurants I love-
3:Wild Wings N' Things
All of which are in walking distance to me.. I love my wings!
Three trips to plan in the next year-
1:St. George Woo!
2:Other than that,
3:the options are endless.. But not really. This whole economy crisis is gettin in our way.
Three things I want badly-
1:I would like a new house as well Chels! Yes, I'm just copying & pasting this from your blog.
2:I could always go for some new clothes. Oh I'm such a girly girl. Tee hee. (Oops Devon stole the keyboard away from me for a minute.)
3:I should probably want to take a shower.
Three pets I have had-
1:Piglet. My goldfish. Which I should thank because it gave me such an awesome "stripper name." Piglet Protege thank you very much.
2:I had a hermit crab once. It was already dead when I bought it. The shell just looked pretty.
3:One day I'll have my bulldog Bingaling. One day.
Three things I did yesterday-
1:Lounged in our bed made of couch cushions. We have a real bed but we like our T.V. better. We're sad.
2:Watched Final Destination.
3:Watched Final Destination 3. Yes, I did skip 2. And no, I wasn't left wondering when the 3rd one started.
I should also mention that we didn't go to church. I'm sick and teach sunbeams. Bad combo. So secret's out. Phew I feel better already.
Three things I ate today-
1:1 and 1/2 french toast sticks from Carl's Jr.
2:After those french toast sticks, I think it's straight up soup for me.
3:It's only noon. I got nothing else... :(
Three fears I have-
3:The dark..
Yes, the fears of a 6 year old girl. I totally get it.
Three things I plan(ned) on doing today-
1:Working till I can't work no mo.
2:Going home to my bed of couch cushions.
3:Insisting I cook Devon dinner while he's over simmering some water on the stove.
Three things I plan on doing tomorrow-
2:Hopefully doing something Halloween-y.
3:Maybe run a marathon. Not in the literal sense but in the "Ah, I'm not sick anymore, I could run a marathon" way.
Three favorite holidays-
Three favorite beverages-
1:Orange Bang
3:Anything with Baby Ice.
Three things I can't live without-
1:My Lil' Devy
2:My family
3:My troll doll Pookie (love him so much)

The end.
I tag my ENTIRE friends list.. Yes, all 7 or 8 of you.