I was tagged by Ashlii annnd Chelsea.. I put it off, but like Chels, I realized I ALSO love tags and I ALSO love blogging.. So, natch, I just had to do it. (natch means "of course" which I believe I figured out just a mere few months ago, natch.)
Three names I go by-
2:K-Weee (Stone says it like that but in such a "I look down on you" way. It's adorable.)
3:Kelly (My dad calls me that when he is being my boss.. Scuse me, I mean Mr. Madsen.)
Three restaurants I love-
3:Wild Wings N' Things
All of which are in walking distance to me.. I love my wings!
Three trips to plan in the next year-
1:St. George Woo!
2:Other than that,
3:the options are endless.. But not really. This whole economy crisis is gettin in our way.
Three things I want badly-
1:I would like a new house as well Chels! Yes, I'm just copying & pasting this from your blog.
2:I could always go for some new clothes. Oh I'm such a girly girl. Tee hee. (Oops Devon stole the keyboard away from me for a minute.)
3:I should probably want to take a shower.
Three pets I have had-
1:Piglet. My goldfish. Which I should thank because it gave me such an awesome "stripper name." Piglet Protege thank you very much.
2:I had a hermit crab once. It was already dead when I bought it. The shell just looked pretty.
3:One day I'll have my bulldog Bingaling. One day.
Three things I did yesterday-
1:Lounged in our bed made of couch cushions. We have a real bed but we like our T.V. better. We're sad.
2:Watched Final Destination.
3:Watched Final Destination 3. Yes, I did skip 2. And no, I wasn't left wondering when the 3rd one started.
I should also mention that we didn't go to church. I'm sick and teach sunbeams. Bad combo. So secret's out. Phew I feel better already.
Three things I ate today-
1:1 and 1/2 french toast sticks from Carl's Jr.
2:After those french toast sticks, I think it's straight up soup for me.
3:It's only noon. I got nothing else... :(
Three fears I have-
3:The dark..
Yes, the fears of a 6 year old girl. I totally get it.
Three things I plan(ned) on doing today-
1:Working till I can't work no mo.
2:Going home to my bed of couch cushions.
3:Insisting I cook Devon dinner while he's over simmering some water on the stove.
Three things I plan on doing tomorrow-
2:Hopefully doing something Halloween-y.
3:Maybe run a marathon. Not in the literal sense but in the "Ah, I'm not sick anymore, I could run a marathon" way.
Three favorite holidays-
Three favorite beverages-
1:Orange Bang
3:Anything with Baby Ice.
Three things I can't live without-
1:My Lil' Devy
2:My family
3:My troll doll Pookie (love him so much)

The end.
I tag my ENTIRE friends list.. Yes, all 7 or 8 of you.

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Alex and Chelsea Osborne said...

Hi Kay-weee. Stone stole your Pookie. Just FYI.