I Have!

The "I Have" Tag
Bold the ones you've done (I don't think my bold is cooperating so I will just do this ** to the ones I have done. Yay!)
1. *Started your own blog - Der.. You're lookin at it...
2. *Slept under the stars - At girls camp, that one time I went. Jk everybody, I went twice.
3. *Played in a band- Yes, The ClutchMerle Runaways! It's mine and Devy's band from Rock Band! We both had English accents.
4. Visited Hawaii- Sore subject. When discussing honeymoon plans, I said "I've never been to Hawaii.. sigh" and Devon said "I have, let's go to Mexico."
5. *Watched a meteor shower- On T.V.
6. *Given more than you can afford to charity - I performed a dance as a homeless woman.. Does that count?
7. *Been to Disneyland - Haven't been to DisneyWorld yet... The parents took us to Epcott Center & the animal kingdom. I'm pretty sure that's not DisneyWorld
8. *Climbed a mountain - I went indoor rock climbing. So that's the equivalant
9. Held a praying mantis - Ewww.. yucky
10. *Sang a solo - Yes, it was Castle on a Cloud and I was magnificent.
11. Bungee jumped
12. *Visited Paris - Well I have seen the Seine, and it opened up my eyes.
13. *Watched a lightning storm at sea - On T.V. It was The Perfect Storm. I heart Mark Wahlberg.
14. *Taught yourself an art from scratch - I am currently sketching purses and shoes from my Project Runway design notebook. I got it for Christmas. It's from Toys'r'Us. Oh I love being a t'r'u kid.
15. Adopted a child
16. *Had food poisoning- I'll never eat a Fuddruckers burger again.
17. *Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty- I really haven't, but I've seen it from afar. She's a beaute.
18. *Grown your own vegetables- My mom's tomatoes. I didn't grow them, but I picked them.
19. *Seen the Mona Lisa in France- It's really small! And she has no eyebrows. Little known fact..
20. *Slept overnight on a train - Um, best night ever! A French lady was arguing outside our cart about how she didn't want to sleep in our cart, so my dad slammed the door on her. And it was like a triple bunk bed! What kid doesn't love that?
21. *Had a pillow fight- Yes, with my girlfriends in our underwear, with those feather pillows. Ahhh every guys fantasy.
22. Hitch hiked
23. *Taken a sick day when you're not ill- But not at my job now... My boss is a killah! And he's my dad so he knows if I'm lying. Can't get anything past him!
24. *Built a snow fort -Devon & I tried. But the snow was too soft so we just steamrolled down the hill. Fun times.
25. *Held a lamb-Love Angel Music Baby
26. *Gone skinny dipping - It's a requirement if you have a pool in your backyard.
27. Run a Marathon
28. Ridden a gondola in Switzerland
29. *Seen a total eclipse- I saw it on an episode of The Wonder Years. Winnie also stole something in that ep.
30. *Watched a sunrise or sunset- Both. Done and Done.
31. *Hit a home run - Hey on a Wii too! So Mii too!!
32. *Been on a Cruise- I've been on two. The badonkatonkas are almost gold status members from cruisin so much.
33. *Seen Niagara Falls in person- Yes, that's alot of water!
34. *Visited the birthplace of your ancestors- Yeah, totally Norway. And Murray, UT. I miss the smoke stacks.
35. Seen Amish country -
36. *Taught yourself a new language- I'm not counting Elvish.. So, I'll have to unbold that one.
37. *Had enough money to be truly satisfied - As long as I can afford subscriptions to Us and People I'm happy. Omg Harlow Winter Kate Madden is already one! So cute!!
38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person- I wish! I would totally do one of those photos where it looks like I'm holding it up.
39. *Gone rock climbing - Ha I know right? Me, a rock climber. It was one time.
40. *Seen Michelangelo’s David - Isn't it in Las Vegas?
41. *Sung karaoke- Loves it.
42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
43. *Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant - Ok, not really but a stranger has bought a meal for me and my friends. Ok, not really again, I actually wasn't with them at the time but whenever they bring it up, they just assumed I was there too cuz we're bffs so I never correct them. Oh man, that guy was so nice, remember?
44. Visited Africa
45. *Walked on a beach by moonlight - With my Lil' Devy.
46. Been transported in an ambulance
47. *Had your portrait painted- In English class we had to do that thing where you don't look at the paper but you just draw the person sitting across from you. It was weird.
48. Gone deep sea fishing
49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
50. *Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris - The tip top was actually closed, but I would have! I can't say the same for Ces or my mother. They were terrified!
51. *Gone scuba diving or snorkeling - Scariest thing I've ever done.
52. *Kissed in the rain
53. *Played in the mud - I basically had a mud bath cuz my neighbors driveway had a huge pothole so I just sat in it after it rained. As a result, my skin is so so smooth.
54. -*Gone to a drive-in theater
55. Been in a movie - I would have been in Legally Blonde 2 but I was too old for the young people part and too young for the old people part. But the casting guy loved me I swear.
56. Visited the Great Wall of China
57. Started a business
58. *Taken a martial arts class - I did Karate at the Life Center. Twice. So I guess you could say I'm almost a yellow belt.
59. Visited Russia
60. Served at a soup kitchen
61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies
62. Gone whale watching
63. *Got flowers for no reason- In high school someone left flowers on my car and I still don't know who did it. They also left me a superman figurine. Very sweet.
64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma-
65. Gone sky diving
66. *Visited a Nazi concentration camp- I've also been to a museum. Very sad.
67. Bounced a check
68. Flown in a helicopter
69. *Saved a favorite childhood toy-My Pookie doll, which I would like back someday Stoney... harump:(
70. *Visited the Lincoln Memorial - It's nice.
71. Eaten Caviar
72. *Pieced a quilt - I think so. I've gone to many a showers where they had a quilt set up and I at least poked a needle thru it.
73. *Stood in Times Square - Right next to the Naked Cowboy. And Conan O'Brien.
74. Toured the Everglades
75. *Been fired from a job - Not really fired, more like phased out. I just gradually wasn't on the schedule.
76. Seen the Changing of the Guards in London
77. Broken a bone
78. *Been on a speeding motorcycle- It was on my way to go rock climbing. Ha I know right. That was a big day for me.
79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person
80. Published a book
81. Visited the Vatican
82. *Bought a brand new car - It was my bday present last year. Thanks hubby.
83. Walked in Jerusalem
84. Had your picture in the newspaper
85. Read the entire Bible
86. *Visited the White House - It was not that great, not gonna lie.
87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating
88. *Had chickenpox - At least I hope I have, just in case I come across a poxed child.
89. *Saved someone’s life - I've been told I have, like when I go get my siblings a soda from the garage cuz they can't get up. It's such an accomplishment.
90. Sat on a jury
91. *Met someone famous- Totally. Daryl Hannah told me she loved my braces, and Eric McCormack said I was adorable. Also Regis Philbin and I hung out poolside one time. His mom used my sunglasses.
92. *Joined a book club- I'm currently reading blogging for dummies. So club members, let's discuss!
93. *Lost a loved one
94. *Had a baby - Oh man, did I freak anyone out with that bold one? hehe, I kid I kid.
95. Seen the Alamo in person
96. *Swam in the Great Salt Lake- This one could also be a lie...
97. Been involved in a law suit -
98. *Owned a cell phone- I cried when I got my first one. It was like a marriage proposal.
99. *Been stung by a bee - I scooped it up in my hand on accident, so my bad.
100. *One cavity or less - How bout one root canal or more?? My dentist had no mercy on me! And he praised me for I have a very high threshold for teeth pain.
I tag: Everyone on my blog list. You. Are. Welcome. You really feel like you've done alot after doing this. It's so liberating! Woo!
P.S. Devy here, and all I have to say is... The City! Bromance! Monday night football move ova!

Devy Girl


December, 2008 (Oh What a Night)

Check me out. Two blog posts in one day. I just have so much to blog about! Unfortunately I don't have any pics other than the ones that I googled but they are good ones. Other than that, I ask you to just imagine the awesome fun Christmas we had this year. It was truly amazing.

So for Christmas Eve we went up to my parents house and ate a ton of food. I'm not kidding, it was a TON of food. And every lil ounce of it was delicious! Afterwards the kids were finally able to open presents. Since Devs and I don't have kids we just got to sit back and watch and it was delightful. Then my parents opened their presents which were awesome. The kids got my dad a snow blower. Funny story, we talked about it a few days earlier and he said he would only get one if he could find room for it but little did he know it was in his garage, right next to his car, just hiding under a blue tarp. Silly. My mom decided that for every birthday and Christmas all she wants is scrapbook pages of our families and all the activities we do in the year. It's really a gift for us because of all the great memories we, ya know, remember, and also the funny pictures we find. If any of you are ever at the Madsen household, you should take a look at it cuz it is splendid. But now onto the best part of the evenin... Us grownup kids didn't think we were getting anything that night because my parents got us food storage a couple months earlier (thanks again btw!) but we were so wrong. We got another awesome present and that is (drumroll) tickets to Jersey Boys in Las Vegas! In case no one knows what that is, look at the picture above! Unfortunately, I already knew we were getting that because my silly dad must sometimes forget I'm his daughter and his secretary because on the work calender he wrote "Jersey Boys Vegas" on January 10th and my mom sent out an email saying to not make plans January 10th for a reason t.b.a. so I put two and two together. But I was still surprised because I was unaware of the fact that we are flying down, staying at a nice hotel and eating at the Cheesecake Factory! Ooohh boy the badonkatonkas are excited. Thanks Mom & Dad for the wonderful present!

Christmas morn was great as well. Last year we went to Cali and spent Christmas with Devons fam so it was kinda different when it was just the two of us, especially since last year we woke up around 8:30 and this year we rolled out of bed around 10:30, oh man we must be growin up if we wanna sleep in at Christmas. Anywho, we opened up presents from the Tonks' and they were so great. Devs got an electric drill and constantly chases me around the house with it. I got a cookie press that makes the cutest lil cookies you have ever seen! We both got First Aid kits for our cars and they are De-Luxe! It was really a preparedness Christmas for us and we couldn't be more excited! If you ever don't have food or perhaps cut yourself on some glass, the badonkatonkas are to the rescue! We each gave each other cute clothes and "big kid toys" such as my Project Runway accessories design kit complete with a booklet to help inspire you and Devs got one of those ripstick skateboards that he has always wanted since I've known him. Seriously, every time we go to WalMart he tries to test it out with them still in the box so I thought I'd finally give him his own.

Wow, I've still got so much more to write but this is getting ridiculously looongg... Plus, most of you who read my blog were most likely there throughout all our Christmas festivities. They were awesome huh? So that's it for now. Until the New Year! Devons resolution is to only talk in quotes from The Hills... Um, Change my life try! Yes, that's an actual quote from L.C. She's adorkable. Alright, bye.


Devy Girl

P.S. The blog title kinda sorta refers to a Frankie Valli song. Jersey Boys is based on him and the Four Seasons. If you haven't seen it, you sure should!


We had a good week... Hey Oh!

Ack.. I have not blogged foreva yo! Wanna know why? Douwannaknow? It's because the badonkatonkas have been cruisin! "Yeah, I love it when we're cruisin together..." That's the song from Gwyneth Paltrow's movie Duets. I only saw the trailer.. Loved it. Anyway I have no camera with me right now, nor did we even take that many pictures cuz we were too busy soakin up all the awesomeness of cruises and also sun rays. Yes, it was dang hot and we sure got burnt, on one half of our bodies cuz the sun wasn't fully up over us. We totally had an ebony & ivory thing going on. Oh man, so I'll post pics soon but I just wanted to ejournal about the funtivities we've had. Thanksgiving was awwwesome! We went down to good ol' St. George and had a humongous feast. And practiced the great Japanese art of Karaokay (Baby Mama). Great times w my great fam. We also got to see Dev's great family over the weekend and that's just one more finger I can count off on my hands as to how many times I've actually seen my inlaws. Sad I know. One time I had a dream that a lil' asian girl told me to move to Cali & go to FIDM so maybe I should listen to her so I can start using my toes to count my visits to the Tonks'Hernandez household. Nevertheless, we had a fantastic week of vacation & I am totally going to post pics soon... I just really missed blogging! So did Devy. He's basically telling me what to type over my shoulder. Der... The Hills, The Hills, The Hills... I love L.C. Speidi eloped! Ahhh... Let's discuss!
You know you love me
Devy Girl


We had a good weekend...

Unfortunately, this is the only pic I took... But isn't it adorable!

So, Devs & I met up with his family (my "FIL" if you may) in St. George and had a great weekend filled with fun, laughter, and.. a wii remote slamming and cracking the flat screen tv. Now that's what I call a vacation!
Seriously it was an awesome time. Devon's sis and her hubby did a Triatholon while we were down there and they, along with their friends which one of them was 11 wks pregnant, finished in under an hour. I kept thinking that if I were to do it, I'd barely finish in 90 minutes... Plus, I don't even think I'm spelling triatholon right so there's no way I could actually participate in one! Kudos to all of them on a job very well done!
Besides that, we showed them around the town. Pizza Factory, red rocks, a little thing they never heard of all Cafe Rio, and of course a few polygamists here and there. Other than that we had a great time just relaxing and having a good ol time.
Yep, yep, yep... We really did have a good weekend with the Tonkas that we haven't seen since April!! Let us not wait until the next triatholon to get together again.
P.S. I am seriously awful at taking pictures... Luckily Victor captures every moment and the pics are awesome so maybe he should start a blog so you can see the awesome fun times we had. Because what he lacks in wii control holding, he gains in amazing photography. Hehe good times.
Devy Girl


I'm it...

I was tagged...

And it's all about
this guy.

What's your husband’s name? Devon Alan Tonks

How long have you guys been married? 1 year, 1 month, 20 days and 57 minutes. I kid, I kid. It's now 58 minutes and 3 seconds.

How long did you date? 9 glorious months. Well 8 months it was official. Well okay only like 4 1/2 because we were in diff states most of our courtship.

How old is he? 23. He's such a cradle robber. I mean, Hellloo Demi! Am I right?

Who eats more sweets? He does. My niece came w us to church on Sunday and when I would give her a treat he would stare me down til he got one too. And then he'd go back to coloring. I'm not joking.

Who is the better singer? That's a toughy. We duet a lot and we switch off doing the boy and girl parts so it's hard to figure out whose voice is whose... or is it whom?? idk.

Who is smarter? I'd have to say Devon. Usually our convos consist of him saying something genius and me just trying to take it all in. He's brilliant.

Who does the laundry? Me, and if Devo says otherwise that means he's lying.

Who pays the bills? He does, but I'm the cause of most of them. Women be getting cysts out and havin kidney infections.. My bad.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It used to be me. But one night I was like, "let's mix it up!" and he's been sleepin on the right ever since.

Who mows the lawn? Some guy that's not Devon.

Who cooks dinner? We both chip in. Or go out.

Who drives? He does. Unless I'm mad at him. For some reason I think my driving is punishment.

Who is the first to say they are wrong? He is. And don't you forget it.

Who kissed who first? He kissed me. After our Holiday movie snuggle fest. We watched Jingle All The Way. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be forever dear to my heart.

Who asked who out first? He did. He texted me to hang out one night and weird story, my roomies and I were talking bout these boys we met and how the one with the hair was pretty cute,then my phone buzzed and it was him. And since I couldn't put two and two together, I remember asking if my roommates knew anyone named Devon cuz he just texted me. Omg we were all so giddy! I was like the luckiest girl in King Henry.

Who wears the pants? We both do. Although, I can take care of my pants. Devon, on the other hand, did the splits last night while trying to tackle me and ripped his. Silly boy.

I tag: All my married bloggin friends. You know who you are.


You know you love us. xoxo.

Devy Girl

P.S. Speaking of GG, didn't everyone love when Blair met Cyndi Lauper. Ack!


Let's Rock!

Alright, alright... So this week has been grand so far. Monday was the Metallica concert which I did not go to but Devon & Cole did. Ahh man it was so.. bro-mantic. Hehe. Cole even came to our place an entire hour earlier than he was supposed. He blamed it on the daylight savings but c'mon we all know he was just way excited for his guy-date. I'm really glad they could celebrate Dev's anniversary present together.
On Tuesday it was Tessa's birthday party. It was a "Rock Band" theme so you had to dress up. The Madsens/Osbornes got really into it. Unfortunately my camera battery died so I only have a few pics. But I hope you can imagine how carazy it was! Ahh man, Happy Birthday Tessa.
Now, a few pictures... With a few captions... Devon & Coleman leaving to go to Metallica! Cole was a gentleman and had him home by 11:30. He's a keeper.
This is stone with a pink faux hawk. On the other side of this picture is the amazin rock band set up. Stone thought it was okay.

Rubie boobie relaxin on the birthday girl. Actually, Rubs was in a position where she couldn't get up on her own. I hate when that happens to me.

Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. Yep, we won the costume contest. And that is a blanket in my dress not an actual baby. People were confused.

And there you have it. Our fun filled Monday & Tuesday of the week. I'm blogging this today because Wednesday is not filled with fun. Unless you count watching The Cable Guy fun. Which I really do. Alright, see ya... byyee... (That was a quote from The Cable Guy, just imagine me fake walking down a hall and you'll get it.)


Devy Girl



Hello, hello, hello... The Badonka Tonkas had a fun filled week, yes we did. I'll start with the most fun event (drumroll) "The Madsen's can food!" Yeah, you heard me. Early last Saturday morning we waited for the Dry Pack Cannery to open so we could pack dry food like you wouldn't believe.Here's some of the crew in our hair nets and beard guards ready to work!
This here is table one canning hard. Yes, Go Team Cailey! We can work on the name...

Oooohh boy, best Christmas present ever. Not only having what feels like endless supplies of flour, sugar, macaroni, fruit drink mix, and so much more but also the awesome fun time we had. Thanks Mom and Dad! Woo!

This picture ends the subject of canned goods and leads into our next event, Stone's Birthday party! It's a win-win picture. That is Puff Teddy telling "Dirty Harry Potter" where the dry taters go.We were Harry Potter. What both of you were Harry Potter??!! Why yes, Devon was regular Harry Potter and I was Quidditch Harry Potter. Seriously, there are so many options when you wanna be Harry Potter. So next time you say "I'm gonna be Harry Potter" get ready to be asked "Which version?" Wow could I write Harry Potter any more times!? Yes, Harry Potter.

Now here are all the nieces & nephews in creative costumes.

Tessa Leia and Yoda Stone.Cinderella Sophie painting pumpkins.Kenz was a dead bride. Or "Ex-wife." Yeah, she didn't get the joke. Which is probably a good thing. You shouldn't be subjected to LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) until you're at least 16.This is Carter as that Squid guy from Pirates. Captain Squid? Whatever the name, it was an awesome stume. This is Rubie Crayola.

I apologize to Sebastian for I did not get a picture of him in his costume. He did have this shirt that said "It's my first Halloween, don't scare me!" Ahh it was so tute. Devon however, scared the crap outta him. Sorry Sebs.

Rubie Crayola and Regular Harry Potter. Ahh they both love Stone's birfday!Since the party was mostly outside the children were bound to break out and run down the street. I had to document this. It was adorable how they just wouldn't "Get Back Here!!"
The photo below is the Madsen clan and all our awesome Halloween getups for the bday partay. If you'd like a complete list for what everyone is, please refer to Cessy's post. Yeah, I think I figured out how to put links on my blog. Cross your fingers and hope it works.
Then the actual Halloween night was totally amazin! We all went to my parent's house and handed out candy to kids who I swear were actually my age. We also played Guitar Hero: World Tour! Ow! And by we, I mean all of us.
Here's my mother singing beautifully. And my father also singing beautifully. He even sang that Paramore song where it says "Feels so good" over and over again. He's so emo.On Sunday (today) we all went to Sebastian's baby blessing. He's too awesome!! This is us in Sunday clothes. We all clean up nicely.

Yippee!! Hooray!! That is what our awesome week consisted of. Thanks to everybody who made it all possible.
Devy Girl
P.S. Pretty sure there's gonna be a huge space like that other post. I have to be honest and tell you that it takes me like an hour to just figure out how to upload pictures. Blogging is hard. Harumph.


Just a lil' somethin somethin...

Hey oh! Welp here's a pic from the roller derby. Notice Devon & Lady wearing glasses in the exact same pose. Right down to the wide open mouth and fist pump.
This is really all I have for now.. I'm expecting a really decent blog post come day after Halloween. It'll involve canning dry goods, Harry Potter, Quidditch Harry Potter, Dirty Harry Potter, Carrie Potter, and Devon in a webisode about The Hills. He just can't believe that Audrina.
Til then...
Devy Girl


Scarecrows, Pumpkins, and Lez Zepplin...


What a weekend, what a weekend... Thanks to my SIL Ashlii we all went to Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point & It. Was. Awesome. Here are the pics to prove just how awesome...

This here is Sophie Kate launching her handmade rocket. It was pink.Here is Rubie, a little unsure of the rocket launching.This guy was in the movie "Space Jam" starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny. Devon & Alex may look cheerful, but actually they were pretty terrified. Oh, his name is Shawn Bradley. Omg Devo was so excited when Cecily got there. He was all "Ahh it's CeeSaw (nicknames..) I'm gonna give her some of my snowie!!" Well he gave her a bite(one) of his first snowie. He was more protective of his 2nd one. Stoney getting his face did. He was Stone-acula!! Ah! Ah! Ah! Tessa wasn't really up to going in the bounce maze.. So Dev thought he might as well finish what he started.. And repeat it 10 times. I know you can't quite read that sign but it said "Ages 5 & Under Only!" Above the sign are Devon's shoes.. He was in the bounce house.
"Make it look up here..." I can't take cred for that line. It was on the office.
This is Fall time Sebey. A lil' Pumkin in the Pumpkins. Tee hee.

This was attempt 2 of this photo. I caught Soph off guard the 1st time. She made sure she was in her signature pose for this one. I asked if she wanted to do a goofy pic and she pushed her hair outta her face & simply said.. no. Love it.
Now this was like attempt 8 of this pic. Priceless. After like an hour of waiting we got to ride this awesome train that we nearly broke. I made sure Tess was in the pic by eating her hand. We look out for each other. Ooohh boy. The Scarecrow Festival sure wore us out. But oh no the day wasn't over. It hardly even begun.
Later that night we had the great honor of going to the roller derby! It was my first time but certainly not my last, especially since "Lez Zepplin" totally beat down another girl right in front of us. Devon jumped up, Ces almost dropped Sebey, it was that awesome.

We were so happy to be at the roller derby. It was even the championship game! And we were practically front row because my BIL Zach knows a girl on the team "Dirty Pirate Hooker." Pure happiness.

(Don't mind Tessa's sty on the right bottom corner.. It's always trying to take over the pic.)

Yes, yes it was quite a fun weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it all possible. And I have to agree w Ces on this pic (sorry I stole it from your blog), we really are like the cast of Degrassi. Whatever it takes, we know we can make it through. Especially when you have DPH on your side.

P.S. I don't know why there is a huge space down here.. I truly apologize.


Devy Girl.



I was tagged by Ashlii annnd Chelsea.. I put it off, but like Chels, I realized I ALSO love tags and I ALSO love blogging.. So, natch, I just had to do it. (natch means "of course" which I believe I figured out just a mere few months ago, natch.)
Three names I go by-
2:K-Weee (Stone says it like that but in such a "I look down on you" way. It's adorable.)
3:Kelly (My dad calls me that when he is being my boss.. Scuse me, I mean Mr. Madsen.)
Three restaurants I love-
3:Wild Wings N' Things
All of which are in walking distance to me.. I love my wings!
Three trips to plan in the next year-
1:St. George Woo!
2:Other than that,
3:the options are endless.. But not really. This whole economy crisis is gettin in our way.
Three things I want badly-
1:I would like a new house as well Chels! Yes, I'm just copying & pasting this from your blog.
2:I could always go for some new clothes. Oh I'm such a girly girl. Tee hee. (Oops Devon stole the keyboard away from me for a minute.)
3:I should probably want to take a shower.
Three pets I have had-
1:Piglet. My goldfish. Which I should thank because it gave me such an awesome "stripper name." Piglet Protege thank you very much.
2:I had a hermit crab once. It was already dead when I bought it. The shell just looked pretty.
3:One day I'll have my bulldog Bingaling. One day.
Three things I did yesterday-
1:Lounged in our bed made of couch cushions. We have a real bed but we like our T.V. better. We're sad.
2:Watched Final Destination.
3:Watched Final Destination 3. Yes, I did skip 2. And no, I wasn't left wondering when the 3rd one started.
I should also mention that we didn't go to church. I'm sick and teach sunbeams. Bad combo. So secret's out. Phew I feel better already.
Three things I ate today-
1:1 and 1/2 french toast sticks from Carl's Jr.
2:After those french toast sticks, I think it's straight up soup for me.
3:It's only noon. I got nothing else... :(
Three fears I have-
3:The dark..
Yes, the fears of a 6 year old girl. I totally get it.
Three things I plan(ned) on doing today-
1:Working till I can't work no mo.
2:Going home to my bed of couch cushions.
3:Insisting I cook Devon dinner while he's over simmering some water on the stove.
Three things I plan on doing tomorrow-
2:Hopefully doing something Halloween-y.
3:Maybe run a marathon. Not in the literal sense but in the "Ah, I'm not sick anymore, I could run a marathon" way.
Three favorite holidays-
Three favorite beverages-
1:Orange Bang
3:Anything with Baby Ice.
Three things I can't live without-
1:My Lil' Devy
2:My family
3:My troll doll Pookie (love him so much)

The end.
I tag my ENTIRE friends list.. Yes, all 7 or 8 of you.


Everything is Simpable...

It's that time of the year again! Simpable Things is back and sooo good. Not only are there many accessories with pizazz, there will also be a feast of food exclusively from the Simpable Things cookbook (which will also be on sale.) Come one, come all and totally spend your hubby's money while he's at the Priesthood session of conference. He won't ever have to know. Yahtzee!
P.S. For those of you who may not know, "Simpable Things" is a lil bidness my mom and her bff +bff's daughter concocted a few 6 or 7 years ago. And every October and April they have their biggest party ever, with each year it just gets bigger and bigger! Seriously, it used to be just in our basement but my sweet mother has blinged out her whole main floor as well. To quote the Canadian series Degrassi, it so goes there... 100% intense!
P.S.S. If you're wondering where this word "Simpable" came from, well wonder no more. Because I'm going to tell you. My niece Mckenzie who was like 2 years old at the time (she was what you might call a "wunderkind" babe) would just go around singing with glee "the trees are so simpable, this chair is so simpable, everything is simpable lalala" and there you have it. Thank you Mckenzie for making everything so delightfully "simpable."
Anyway, now that you know the entire history of "Simpable Things" won't you please join us? The info is enclosed on both the pic above and below. Woo!


Looks like we made it...

Well, it's official... The Badonka Tonkas have been married for exactly one year... and a day. Yes, I would have posted yesterday but I was too busy being in loooove with that man'o'mine. Anywho.. It was a pretty awesome day. We woke up to pouring rain and then my mom called to say that it just goes to show you should never have a garden reception on September 22nd. Silly us. I worked all day but came home to flowers and a very clean "condo" (yes our apt is called a condo, if you call it an apt in front of the neighbors you'll be very sorry as Devon has learned.) We, as a loving couple, then watched Dr. Horrible's sing along blog which is so good. NPH at his finest! (NPH is Neil Patrick Harris for those who don't love him, which should be a small amount.) Then we went to downtown SLC and ate at the delicious Melting Pot. It was also so good. Devon thought our waiter was flirting with me but then he started telling us that he really wants to do makeup as a living so Devon stopped being so jealous. But the food was awesome.. Meat, meat and more meat. Who could ask for me? Well I could ask for chocolate fondue flambeed tableside. Ooohlala. My wish was granted and it was pure magic. We ended the night doing what any couple would do on their anniversary... Watched all the shows we dvr'ed because we were out on the town all night. Devon's gonna blog about Gossip Girl in a later post. He cannot believe that Serena Van der Woodsen. Oh, we also exchanged gifts... My lil'Devy got me Burberry perfume which is so good. He got a big one and a lil one to stick in my purse so I can always smell delectable. That Devo, always looking out for me. I stuck to the paper tradition and wrote him a poem that ended with two tickets to Metallica! Devon's theme song is "one" so I naturally thought these tickets would go over well with him. All in all, it was the best first anniversary ever. I am quite excited for the next 50 or so years with my adorable husband.
Devy Girl (but it's really Cailey)

P.S. If you're wondering why I used the phrase "so good" soo many times, then watch Dr. Horribles. It's so good.


Yes, yes I know...

It is September 18th. Yes I know this. But I also know that it's never too soon to get ready for Hallow's Eve!! Only 42 days till the big day and the Badonka Tonkas don't even have a costume yet. Devon really wants to be a sexy maid.. Him and dresses.. I dunno?? Jk I made him wear last years costume. He was really nervous but totally embraced it. (That's Devo with the red wig, standing next to me, Spidaman, in case you didn't know.) I hope you all enjoy my blog backround because it will be staying like that up until Oct. 31st and most likely a few months after. Blogging is tuff stuff.
Devy Girl



I consider myself tagged by Chelsea. Any reason to blog, geez! I was about to blog all about last nights "The Hills" but it would have been the longest post... Especially if Devon was helping me write it! He loves L.C. and the gang so much. Anyway.. This was the perfect time to be tagged because it's almost the Badonka Tonkas one year anniversary! And this tag is all about loving my husband so here goes...
1- Where did you meet? You can refer to my past post all about my hubby. But I'll also tell you.. We met at King Henry 310. Whoop whoop.
2- How long did you date before you were married? Officially, 8 months. Unofficially, 4 months because he was in a different state for the other four.
3- How long have you been married for? 359 days.. And loving every minute of it!! HEY OH!
4- What does he do that surprises you? Swears. Ah the truth is out. But I dunno how many of you would consider it swearing because he really only says the H word. And that's shocking. One time he told my sisters I was getting a fat a--, and he really said it.. Mind freaked?
5- What's your favorite feature about him? His hair. Even when he makes me play with it for hours and hours. It's soo soft. It's magic.
6- What's your favorite quality about him? Heee's Quirky! Woo. Not really. He's so adorable.. Like he does things that are so sweet/freakin adorable and I just wanna pinch his cheeks.
7- Does he have a nickname for you? What is it? It's too risque to blog. JK. It's "woman." As in, "hey woman I'm hungry." Ha not really. He calls me baby girl a lot. But he says it like he's a rapper so it always makes me wanna pop and lock... and jam and break.
8- What's his favorite color? Grink? Blurple? A mixture of things.
9- What's his favorite food? That's a toughie.. He gets pretty excited over mashed potatoes. He has a hearty appetite. Another adorable quality.
10-What is his favorite sport? He dabbles in a lot of things so I really can't place my finger on one.. Well done Lil' Devy!
11- Who said I love you first? Technically he made me. He said "I'm falling for you" and I said "well I love you." Sneaky, sneaky...
12- When and where was your fist kiss? It was sometime in Dec. of '07. We had a "Christmas movie snuggle fest" at KH310 and he totally kissed me on our couch. It was weird because my roommate and his roommate were basically right next to us. But I still got butterflies.
13-What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Eat and watch "The Hills" while dancing. Yes, we dance to the music of "The Hills" and we're pretty good at it.
14-Do you have kids? How many? Sometimes I consider Devon as my kid. He just loves playing video games and getting away with not doing his chores.. But seriously, we don't have kids.. yet.
15- What's a hidden talent that he has? He can do the human pretzel.. Just ask him. He happily do it for you.
16- How old is he? 23. He's so old.
17- What's his favorite type of music? In all honesty, straight up gangsta rap. And Metallica. And Colbie Calait.
18- What do you admire most about him? I admire how he "sticks to his guns." I don't even know if I got that saying right, but in my head I'm making sense.
19-What's his favorite past time? Playing Call of Duty. Ask me that again in 5 years and I'll have the same answer for ya.
20- Do you think he is going to read this? Yes. If I tell him, he will come.. and read my awesome post about how much I love my Devy.

I tag... All my blogger friends. Just look to the right and maybe scroll up or down a lil and if your name is on there then tag, you're it!



Ahhhh! Here he is, Sebastian Ted Smith. He was born yesterday at about 8:22 A.M. He was 7.2 oz. and 21 inches long. I had to refer to Chelsea's blog for the exact stats. I'm not a mother yet so all this is so crazy to me! But what was most crazy is how Ces went in about 7:30 in the morn and by 8:30 she looked like she just did a photo shoot. Seriously Cessy, you looked good. Anyway he is awesome and I think he finally got his name late last night. It was pretty much in the stars because everytime Stone would point to his mom's belly he would yell "SEBEY!!!" so naturally, the boy would be called Sebastian. They were unsure of the middle name though. It was between Ted because that's my dads name and Red because that's my dads name on things he gets in the mail (sometimes it's even Bishop Red Madsen). The pic below is, according to Devon, the aftermath of him getting punched in the eye. He still looks so adorable. Ah love him so much. Well done Smiths.
Welp that's pretty much my post for the day... I've been getting praises for how clever my blog is so now I really feel like the pressure is on. Yikes! I don't have much else to blog about.. Devon did suggest one thing but it doesn't have the full effect until I scan the "postcard" onto my comp. Pretty much everyday I get the mail I've been getting these giant if you can even call them postcards from the Utah pet center. I've gotten them so much that I plan to call them and ask them why they chose our address and do they keep sending them until they get a response? Seriously, I don't get mad easily but this is getting ridiculous. I don't have pets and if I did I wouldn't be taking them to the fun dome (which is where the pet center resides in) and have people just like, ya know, hang out with them or whatever they do at pet centers. Oooh boy I'm just so passionate about this! (hehe... Ashlii) But for realsy, I'm gonna call them. Alright.. that's all. Happy Labor Day! And Gossip Girl premiere night... You all know we're fans!
Devy Girl


U + Me = Us.. Calculus..

Ahhh I just feel like blogging. Unfortunately I hardly have anything to post... Whenever I'm in a convo with someone I usually think in my head "I'm gonna blog about this" but I sometimes always forget what that convo entailed. I kept telling Devon I'm gonna blog about how I actually find some parts of the Olympics to be a tad boring and how I just can't get myself to read those Twilight books, hence imagining leaving my husband for a much paler guy (sorry Devo, you're tan but not as tan as you used to be, remember when you had the ten a month pass.. hehe secrets out). Ack sorry if I offend anyone.. But this blog is my prerogative yo.

Anyway... I thought the best thing to make a post about would be to tell the story of how Devon and myself became. It is almost our one year anniversay and all.. No, not from when we first met, we celebrated that a few months ago.. Kidding, sort of. Alright, now the story begins... "cue harp and fairy dust.." One night while I was living in Provo, I was taking up all the clothes and shoes I stole from my sisters to my apartment. These two fine gentleman asked if I needed a hand. Neither of them were Devon. But I said sure since they were going up to my apt anyway. They thought, while running around in adult diapers one night (oh college), that some girls yelled "King Henry 310! ow!" so they appeared.. I think I speak for all my roomies when I say that we were not the girls who yelled that, but wow am I glad that's what they heard.. You may be thinking what does this have to do with Devy... Well they were his roommates Luke and Tyler (shoutout) so I pretty much have them to thank for my lifelong bliss.
I remember the first time I met Devon. He and one of the nice guys who helped with all my stolen goods came back to 310 one night to invite me to their "big hair party." Devon was just clinging on to the railing outside my door and I remember thinking "wow he does have big hair... good thing they're having this party." Well I didn't go to it but him and Luke came over again, this time to watch Xmen3. My roommates bailed on me so it was just the three of us. Awkwardish. Devon started calling girls from my ward directory to ask them on dates and I so thought he was a playa. Silly me.
Anyway.. Our actual first dateish consisted of getting Devon's dry cleaning and eating at the Provo Olive Garden. Both those places will always hold a special place in my heart. After that we were pretty much inseperable. He even came to my family's Christmas Eve ugly sweater party and we didn't even call each other gf/bf yet. Brave boy he was, wearing a turtleneck and all. So that is how we began. We've had our ups and downs but mostly ups.. I'm still a lil bitter about when he compared me to a Charleston Chew but he's made up for it dearly. I love my lil'Devy and I'm glad you are my husband. We've almost made it 1 year! Best year of my life!! Woo! Oh my this is such a long post for me.. I'm trying to move my blog on up so I can someday get paid to do this since I didn't pass the chacha guide test. Enjoy the story of the Tonkas. I know I have.
This is us at Devon's house in Cali. First time I met his family. Don't we look so different? Probably not since it was barely a year ago. Ahhh Provo love.
The End. Oh here's Devon... What did everyone think of The Hills? Team Lo or Audrina? Team Heidi's sister or Spencer? Loves the beard.
Devy Girl


Tagged.. brewhahah

So Chelsea "tagged" me or whatever. She is so silly. But since it's been a while and since my camera seems to be not cooperating with my computer I guess this is all I've got. Just words.. Ooohhh boy here goes.
Three Joys:
1. My family. They are all just too great.
2. My Lil' Devy. aka my husband Devon. He's funny.
3. Baby Ice. I really get joyful when I'm at a restaurant/fast food chain and I see they have baby ice. Cheek to cheek smile appears.
Three Fears:
1. Clowns. Nuff said.
2. Spiders. That's Devs too.. You should hear him scream when they come out from under our couch. Yes, we have spiders living under our couch. Eeekk..
3. Kidney infections. Those are a regular Dracula or something else fearful.. Seriously.
Three Goals:
1. To clean my house. It's so dirrrttyy..
2. I guess to be pretty healthy.. I've really let myself go.. What with major surgery and a kidney infection and all.
3. To figure out where that retched smell is coming from at my place of work. It's unsettling.
Three Current Obsessions/Collections:
1. Celebrities
2. Celebrities
3. Celebrities
Like I said in one of my previous posts, I will be the next Perez.
Three Random Surprising Facts About Me:
1. I can sing the national anthem with my mouth closed. Complete with a "Play Ball!"
2. You'd be surprised to know that I sometimes, always know random things. Things that really should be unknown to me.. Msnbc people. It works wonders.
3. I can crochet like nobody's business.. Okay that's a lie. I can play croquet like nobody's business.. That might not be a lie..
I tag: Cecily and that's it... I really wanna check your blog one day and see that you're not new to blogging. It's getting ridiculous.

Welp that's me being tagged.. Update on my life is that I had surgery which wasn't so bad, but then I got sick from my pain pills which was sad, but then I had a kidney infection which is the worst pain I have ever felt. Devon was there for the entire time and I bet he'd tell you that it was the worst pain he has ever felt too. At least he got a glimpse of what life will be like when I'm 80 and can barely walk. Other than that life is good.. Ahhh Madsen Family Reunion '08! You'd understand if you were a Madsen. Which I'm thinking mostly anyone who reads my blog is so good times.

P.S. Devon wanted me to make an announcement that August 18th is the hills season 4 premiere and he is excited. I'm not even joking. I kinda wish I were.

you know you love us
Devy Girl (with special appearance by Cailey)


This... Is Gonna Be HUGE!!!

Hello, hello, helllooo... So plenty of pics to post. I kinda put this one outta order but it takes way too long to click it to the right spot so... Lucky you guys. A little preview.
This is Devon, Alex, and Zach.. And Zach's weird weiner. Hot dog. Eww.. Any way you think about it. Hot dogs are gross uncooked.
This is Tessa. I know she just woke up but I can't explain why her face is like that. It's hilarious though.
Here I made Devon a wonderful belated birthday fondue dinner. Well I cut up the raw meat and put the broth in the pot. But it was delicious! Disregard all the electrical cords by the t.v. And by electrical cords I mean every single gaming controller known to man. Nerds.Okay, the sign says "David Archuleta is "tie dye" for" Get it? This is at the american idol concert fyi. It was awesome!
This guy was apparently way pissed that Ces won the last b98.7 tshirt. So cuz of that people would just spin the wheel and get the prize of his presence. Lucky.
Guitar Hero! I was really into hippie vibe that night. Hence the peace sign, and the peace sign ring, and the headband, and the tie dye dress, and the peace sign earrings.. It was "American" Idol.

Some big eagle. Sure fooled me.
Oh man... Stone loves me so much. I'm going to be the best mom. Pretty sure I had heels on so pretty amazing huh? (Stone really loves me he just wanted to go doorbell ditch my neighbors I've never met.. That'd be awkward.)
This was after a wedding we catered in a sorta grass/sorta dirt field. Our feet were diirrrttyy. But not our ears, eyes, or mouth. (see, hear, speak no evil) My mom fell asleep! Ah!
In my parent's backyard, roasting hot dogs, just being in love. We dressed to impress. I forgot that we would be outside with fire smoke all up in our grill. I screwed the pooch on that one!
Sophie in all her glory. Look at her side swept bangs underneath that visor. Gorgeous.

Devon, Cole, and Rubie. Rubs is so ticked at Devon. She's all "Get off my dad you class a moron!" Not really, Rubie is the sweetest.
It was Cam & Devon's birthday. Here they are putting their minds together and their fisted hands. All because Coleman got them the same soccer game. Ahhh family. And now we have what I did on Monday. Courtney (on the right) is going to Taiwan for 6 months so we all got together for lunch. Yes, it takes someone moving to a foreign country to bring us all together. Jk friends. Katie and Liz are the other girls.. Kt's getting married.
Kenneth and Nick came along too!
And Kaitlyn & I were there too. It's safe to say we all had a good time. Because we all said "Oh I had a good time." I heard it.
Anywho... In pictures, that is what has been going on. In non pictures, Devon goes to work and I also go to work. And at nights we go running together. Pssshhhaha. That's a lie. We swim laps.