We had a good weekend...

Unfortunately, this is the only pic I took... But isn't it adorable!

So, Devs & I met up with his family (my "FIL" if you may) in St. George and had a great weekend filled with fun, laughter, and.. a wii remote slamming and cracking the flat screen tv. Now that's what I call a vacation!
Seriously it was an awesome time. Devon's sis and her hubby did a Triatholon while we were down there and they, along with their friends which one of them was 11 wks pregnant, finished in under an hour. I kept thinking that if I were to do it, I'd barely finish in 90 minutes... Plus, I don't even think I'm spelling triatholon right so there's no way I could actually participate in one! Kudos to all of them on a job very well done!
Besides that, we showed them around the town. Pizza Factory, red rocks, a little thing they never heard of all Cafe Rio, and of course a few polygamists here and there. Other than that we had a great time just relaxing and having a good ol time.
Yep, yep, yep... We really did have a good weekend with the Tonkas that we haven't seen since April!! Let us not wait until the next triatholon to get together again.
P.S. I am seriously awful at taking pictures... Luckily Victor captures every moment and the pics are awesome so maybe he should start a blog so you can see the awesome fun times we had. Because what he lacks in wii control holding, he gains in amazing photography. Hehe good times.
Devy Girl

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