We had a good week... Hey Oh!

Ack.. I have not blogged foreva yo! Wanna know why? Douwannaknow? It's because the badonkatonkas have been cruisin! "Yeah, I love it when we're cruisin together..." That's the song from Gwyneth Paltrow's movie Duets. I only saw the trailer.. Loved it. Anyway I have no camera with me right now, nor did we even take that many pictures cuz we were too busy soakin up all the awesomeness of cruises and also sun rays. Yes, it was dang hot and we sure got burnt, on one half of our bodies cuz the sun wasn't fully up over us. We totally had an ebony & ivory thing going on. Oh man, so I'll post pics soon but I just wanted to ejournal about the funtivities we've had. Thanksgiving was awwwesome! We went down to good ol' St. George and had a humongous feast. And practiced the great Japanese art of Karaokay (Baby Mama). Great times w my great fam. We also got to see Dev's great family over the weekend and that's just one more finger I can count off on my hands as to how many times I've actually seen my inlaws. Sad I know. One time I had a dream that a lil' asian girl told me to move to Cali & go to FIDM so maybe I should listen to her so I can start using my toes to count my visits to the Tonks'Hernandez household. Nevertheless, we had a fantastic week of vacation & I am totally going to post pics soon... I just really missed blogging! So did Devy. He's basically telling me what to type over my shoulder. Der... The Hills, The Hills, The Hills... I love L.C. Speidi eloped! Ahhh... Let's discuss!
You know you love me
Devy Girl

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Carla and Matt said...

holy random. i love blog connecting! i also love how nursery "changed" after we left. We worked SO flippin' hard in that ward {and sadly... i can say i don't miss it.} So yes, totally remember you guys and our nursery days together. Fabulous. and it also looks like you two have been having fun, so woo! Merry Christmas!