December, 2008 (Oh What a Night)

Check me out. Two blog posts in one day. I just have so much to blog about! Unfortunately I don't have any pics other than the ones that I googled but they are good ones. Other than that, I ask you to just imagine the awesome fun Christmas we had this year. It was truly amazing.

So for Christmas Eve we went up to my parents house and ate a ton of food. I'm not kidding, it was a TON of food. And every lil ounce of it was delicious! Afterwards the kids were finally able to open presents. Since Devs and I don't have kids we just got to sit back and watch and it was delightful. Then my parents opened their presents which were awesome. The kids got my dad a snow blower. Funny story, we talked about it a few days earlier and he said he would only get one if he could find room for it but little did he know it was in his garage, right next to his car, just hiding under a blue tarp. Silly. My mom decided that for every birthday and Christmas all she wants is scrapbook pages of our families and all the activities we do in the year. It's really a gift for us because of all the great memories we, ya know, remember, and also the funny pictures we find. If any of you are ever at the Madsen household, you should take a look at it cuz it is splendid. But now onto the best part of the evenin... Us grownup kids didn't think we were getting anything that night because my parents got us food storage a couple months earlier (thanks again btw!) but we were so wrong. We got another awesome present and that is (drumroll) tickets to Jersey Boys in Las Vegas! In case no one knows what that is, look at the picture above! Unfortunately, I already knew we were getting that because my silly dad must sometimes forget I'm his daughter and his secretary because on the work calender he wrote "Jersey Boys Vegas" on January 10th and my mom sent out an email saying to not make plans January 10th for a reason t.b.a. so I put two and two together. But I was still surprised because I was unaware of the fact that we are flying down, staying at a nice hotel and eating at the Cheesecake Factory! Ooohh boy the badonkatonkas are excited. Thanks Mom & Dad for the wonderful present!

Christmas morn was great as well. Last year we went to Cali and spent Christmas with Devons fam so it was kinda different when it was just the two of us, especially since last year we woke up around 8:30 and this year we rolled out of bed around 10:30, oh man we must be growin up if we wanna sleep in at Christmas. Anywho, we opened up presents from the Tonks' and they were so great. Devs got an electric drill and constantly chases me around the house with it. I got a cookie press that makes the cutest lil cookies you have ever seen! We both got First Aid kits for our cars and they are De-Luxe! It was really a preparedness Christmas for us and we couldn't be more excited! If you ever don't have food or perhaps cut yourself on some glass, the badonkatonkas are to the rescue! We each gave each other cute clothes and "big kid toys" such as my Project Runway accessories design kit complete with a booklet to help inspire you and Devs got one of those ripstick skateboards that he has always wanted since I've known him. Seriously, every time we go to WalMart he tries to test it out with them still in the box so I thought I'd finally give him his own.

Wow, I've still got so much more to write but this is getting ridiculously looongg... Plus, most of you who read my blog were most likely there throughout all our Christmas festivities. They were awesome huh? So that's it for now. Until the New Year! Devons resolution is to only talk in quotes from The Hills... Um, Change my life try! Yes, that's an actual quote from L.C. She's adorkable. Alright, bye.


Devy Girl

P.S. The blog title kinda sorta refers to a Frankie Valli song. Jersey Boys is based on him and the Four Seasons. If you haven't seen it, you sure should!

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Alex and Chelsea Osborne said...

I totally understood your blog title. I'M SO EXCITED.