Well get me some booby tassles...

For I am going to....
That's right. My lil'devs woke up today and felt like buying some concert tickets. Boy, did he buy wisely. I have always been rooting for B. Spears, well except for when I wasn't rooting for her. But I always knew she would bounce back from all her crazy antics. Anyway, I know the badonkatonkas are going to have a great time. Yes, Devon is totally going with me for he, believe it or not, is a Britney fan as well. One of my fondest memories of us is when we learned the dance from Boorits "Crazy" music video (shout out to Darren's Dance Grooves). Coming with the ol' Spearster is none other than the Pussycat Dolls. I secretly, not so secretly heart them and I don't care who knows it. My rendition of Jai Ho is quite incredible... It's just me saying "gichi gichi gichi I know you man" over and over again. Devon sure appreciates it.
Hootie hoo April 14th can not come soon enough...
That's all.
Devy Girl


Oh well HELLO!!!

It's been awhile since I've done my bloggin... But this is definitely cause to celebrate, for it is my, wait for it.... 30th blog post! Ahhh!! I did it. Now I can finally make that blog book I've so desperately wanted... Not really. But yay for 30! Anyway, the above pic is stolen from Cessy's blog. It is Chelshea.. She was trying a new look, one that I disapproved but whatevs.. Now here are more pictures.
The Madsen girlies gift showing it up. Yeah we have badges. And also business cards.. They're practically perfect except that Cecily spelled her last name smtih. But you hardly notice it..
This was an awesome place to get sunglasses. Before entering we took a pic by that awesome neon sign that looks like... sunglasses with an arrow underneath them. Get your mind outta the gutter people. Also, the Chinese man was great.
How great you ask? Well he was so great that he fell in the grand canyon and got stuck. Oh wait, wrong joke. He was so great that he gave us FREE sunglasses! Yes, sunglasses for a total of free ninety nine. We had to document such wonderfulness. The other guy was friendly too. Just FYI.
Now, these pics are from when Devs & I watched Tessa for a night. Good fun, good fun.
We took her to McDonalds and Devon just had to go in the playplace with her. She was all, I can do it alone and he was all, no Tess you can't I need to be playin in that place too. Silly Debon. Here they are in the dump truck. So tute.
I let Tessa play with my makeup... I had no idea she would turn my blush into lipstick. Seriously, I don't know how but she made the powder into some sort of paste.
And lastly, I made Tess & myself awesome tie dye shirts. Yep, we were totally matching. But not so totally because all tie dye tees are unique. Ta da!
Now, to celebrate my 30th post since it is such a milestone for me, hop on over to www.vinylrocksmyworld.blogspot.com and enter in the 3sister giveaway! We are giving away either a custom tutu, or a headband from our jadorable etsy shop. There is also a very attractive *cough not really cough* pic of me on there. I was really just trying to be commercialy like Ty-ty (Tyra) teaches the girls of Top Model. I hope I made that big mama proud.
Devy Girl

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