Dexter Alan Tonks


The badonkatonkas are badonkaPARENTS! That's right, we've got ourselves a lil badonkababy and he is adorable! Here's the lowdown...

Dexter Alan Tonks

Born December 16th (1 week early, he's so prompt!)

7 pds. 11 oz.

20 1/2 inches long

freakin adorable! (those were the dr.'s words, I swear!)

Now onto the pictures. So. Many. Pictures.

I told ya that after I had baby, this blog would turn into his shrine.Just the 3 of us. Mommy, Daddy, and Dexter Alan. Look at Devons watery eyes, isn't he the cutest daddy ever! Like my sister said in her blog, he bawled just like his newborn child.All cleaned up.Just chillaxin.Dex and his Grammy Linda.Dexter and cool Uncle Grandpa Ted.His Auntie Chelshea.With Uncle Zach and Aunt Ces.Dexter and Ashlii.Cam & Jen with baby.Liz and Dex.

My friend Katie came to visit too, but I was sort of outta it and thought she was the nurse for a while, therefore I did not take her picture. Sorry Kt.Dexter and Daddy.Awww my two boys. So great.Dexter in his going home outfit. He was not okay with it at first.Getting ready to go home!All bundled up in his cute carseat.Cousin Tessa came to visit. She was really overwhelmed but excited to finally meet Dexter. She's been wondering when he was gonna "come alive".Dexter and Uncle Coleman.This was after we gave Dex a bath. Isn't his bathrobe cute?! Thanks Kaitlyn. He loves it.Dexter and Mommy.Look at his face. Dex is all like "what is my mom doing?!"

Like father, like son. Devon teaching Dex how to play Call of Duty. Yeah, it's the game where you can be a terrorist. Mama's so proud.
But seriously, Dexter was pretty into it. Look how relaxed he is. Living the easy life...
His "blue steel" look. Nailed it.

And finally a close up of the most adorable, the most darling lil' Dexter. He totally has a chin dimple so we know he's going to be a smartie. Or an amazing actor, such as the likes of Mr. John Travolta. Also a chin dimpled man.
That's out little Dexter Alan. We love him so much and have really enjoyed having him around. Best christmas present ever. That's including my Polly Pocket world I got one christmas, which was pretty awesome.
Welcome to the world baby Dexter!!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!
Devy Girl