day 25

day 25: plans/dreams/goals you have

Graduate college with my, what my sister calls it, fake degree. Whatevs. It still counts.

Finish decorating my house. We're on a budget ya know since we have house payments now, so Devon lets me get one thing every month. I'm so excited to finally get a mattress! Ha jk that was the first thing we put in our house. Even without a frame which is actually easier because you can just do a trust fall and land on the mattress. No jumping up to get comfy.

And.... I really wanna lose 3 pounds.


Devy Girl


day 24

day 24: favorite photo

Do I even need to explain why??


Devy Girl



Putting the 30-day blog challenge on the back burner today.

Because I want you guys to VOTE!!

I entered this picture in 97.1 zht's Baby Idol. I don't know why it's called Baby Idol because there is no singing required. Oh man if there was though... I just bought Dex a microphone and he has found his calling.

Anyway, if his picture wins then the badonkatonks get to go on a San Diego vacay! And Dexter gets a playset that's 3x bigger than our backyard. Okay we don't really have a backyard but we could probably fit it in our basement.

So go here
and vote for picture #77 which is our handsome Dexter.

And tell all your friends. If you link this post on your blog then you get good vibes.


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day 23

day 23: favorite recipe
Oh man I have a lot.
Me want food like all the time.
They are all from my mother. She is an amazing cook.
I always say she's Martha Stewart without the jail time.
It's not that funny, I sorry.
But I'm burnt out today and only feel like watching my child try so hard to just get the chocolate bottom of the samoa cookie. It's hilarious. And he's reading my people magazine. Like mother, like son.
Yes, yes I'm mom of the year. You don't have to tell me twice.
Devy Girl


day 22

day 22: a place you've traveled to
That'd be CHICAGO!!


While Devon was courting me, he decided to go sell alarms in Chicago for 4 months. Well he couldn't get away from me that easily because I wasn't gonna pass up a trip to the magnificent mile shops.... Oh and to see my soon to be fiancee. It's quite a magical place. It's like New York but much, much cleaner.

The Married With Children fountain. Love & Marriage... Dun da dun.. I don't know the rest of the song.

This was at Navy Pier. Also the night that Devon proposed to me. There were fireworks. Literally, they had a fireworks show and he popped the question.
Eating at the John Hancock building on like the highest floor. It was berootiful.
Yep, Chicago will always be a place that is near and dear to me.
Devy Girl


day 21

day 21: your friends

Having a scanner is so great. So many old pictures that I've come across with all my best girlfriends.

Let's start off with my best childhood friend.

It's my girl Autumn Bushman. She and I were inseperable from 1st grade up until she moved to Vegas junior year. We did everything together and I've got so many pictures to back that up. For now I will only present you with three.

Playing dress up in Vegas I believe. We traveled the world together! Well a couple of states but as kids it was the world!

Braces and crimped hair. Aww to be 14 again.

Here we are in New York for our drill team competition. Yeah we were on drill together. She cried when we both got the acceptance letter. Sorry Autumn, secrets out.

Now onto my fab five crew. Yes we had a name for our group of friends and I know you all did too so I'm not embarassed one bit.

Here we are at the disco stomp. Disregard the boys in the pic. They are not part of the fab five. The fab five are from l to r: Katie, Lizzie, Cailey, Kaitlyn, Melissa

Sometimes we would have honorary members to fill in for Melissa. We were mean. Forgive us Melly Belly!!!

Out to eat before Dogpatch. We decided to go with just girls and dress up as the "Men @ Work" crew. It was probably the best dance I've ever been to. Anyway, I got mushrooms on my pasta and Liz was so disgusted she made me cover up my food with a napkin so she didn't have to smell it.

This is when Kaitlyn and I gave Melly a makeover and she told us to refer to her as Rozlyn the entire night. Or, ya know, Roz for short.

Fab five before the senior dinner dance. All dolled up natch.

This was at our "ciao adolescence" party. It was the best of times and the worst of times because my ipod got stolen and someone threw a glass table into my pool. Katie loved to invite anybody who was anybody so I blame her. But she got her camera stolen so I can't hate too bad.

Now onto my college day friends... Yes we had a group name too.

Introducing.... The Amazing R.A.C.E!!! They be- and they all have blogs so I can highlight their names with their blog links- Russanne, Aubrey, Cailey, & Emily.

Ahhh College!!! We had some fun times in King Henry 310. Of course this is actually in a car and we had fun times in their too. We have over 30 pictures of us making random faces. Another blog post I guess...

I love all my girlfriends and I wish I saw them all more often but grownup life is carazy! Everyone is super busy and out doing their own thing. I think I'll just plan a "ciao twenties" party to get all my crews together.

And I know I blogged about these ones in my family post but if they weren't my family I'd still hang out with them. Hence, they are totally my BFFs.

The Madsen girlies. That's our crew name. Jk we don't have one. Which is weird because I love making group names..

Just getting a leg up in sunny St. George.

And a leg up at Simpable Things. We love holding up each others legs.

And of course my BFF and ever and ever would be this guy...

I love him so much and he is my BFF because he lets me do things like 'this is what you'd look like if you were a girl.'

And those are all my friends in a nutshell. They are awesome.


Devy Girl


day 20

day 20: your favorite song

That's tough.

I can't narrow it down.

How bout I just name some of my favorite musicians/bands/what have you and my fav song out of their repertoire.

Here we go.

Ben Kweller- Thirteen. Very romantic and everytime he sings it in concert he always looks up at the end. So I'm not quite sure if the song is about his wife or God. Either way it's sweet.

Maroon 5- Secret. I feel bad because I haven't really been a devote fan but their first album I could listen to all the way through over and over again. This song especially.

The Killers- All These Things That I've Done. I totally fist pumped everytime the part about having soul but not being a soldier started. Jersey Shores got nothing on me.

Rilo Kiley- I Never. I know they aren't a band anymore but I still enjoy listening to their music every now and again. I love that guy from Salute My Shorts.

I love musicals.. So any song from any of those I enjoy. Devon & I love singing duets but he usually ends up being the girl. It's weirdly entertaining.

Other than that I listen to what the radio tells me to listen to.

I hate myself for knowing every word to Pinks "Raise Your Glass."


day 19

day 19: something you bought recently

This thing.

And I hate it already.

Dexter absolutely loves the little tike car. Any playroom we've been in where this car is, Dexter will spend the entire time sitting in it. So naturally I ordered one for our own home. I've never hated something so much. I have some choice words for this car but my mom wouldn't be happy with them so I'll keep it to myself. But it's taken me 2 days to put together and I still can't get everything to click in place. The video instructions make it look so easy but that's probably because they got giant men forcing parts in place. I'm a teeny tiny woman. Well an average sized woman.

Here are all the parts that are still incomplete. Oh yeah that's just Dex grabbing the hammer. I guess he wanted to take matters into his own hands.

Having said that, it's probably the best purchase I have made for Dexter. Even in it's half made state, he loves playing with it. He just brings me the steering wheel every 5 minutes to put it back in the hole because I haven't screwed it in yet.

Poor babe playing with his half made car and unscrewed wheel.

Luckily when Daddy got home from his golf trip he managed to get everything to click within 2 minutes. I punched and hugged him at the same time.


Devy Girl

day 18

day 18: what makes you different from everyone else

I don't know if this makes me different but I think it's pretty weird.


I'll explain.

My right hand pinky can bend in a complete 90 degree angle. My left hand pinky cannot. No matter how hard I try I just can't get that left pink to lay flat.

It's weird. It's different. It's a fun party trick.


Devy Girl


day 17

day 17: your favorite book

Oh boy...

Does US Weekly count?

I kid, I kid. Kind of..

So I'm not the most avid reader but I have been known to pick up the ol' paperback from time to time. The books I actually finish I really like. But if I had to pick a favorite.... Or favorites because, if you haven't noticed, I'm bad at narrowing it down to one thing.

Loved the book. Hated the movie. I thought it was cleverly written. And that's the end of my review because I don't want to mislead people by thinking I'm brilliant at discussing books.. I was in a book club once and I pretty much said "I agree" and "mmhmm" the whole time.

I read this book because the main characters name is Dexter. But I fell in love with it for so many different reasons. It's British which is just delightful.

I basically read books that a. have been turned into movies or b. will be turned into a movie. However, I do not read Twilight. I tried but I don't get it. There I said it. Phew what a relief.


Devy Girl


day 16

day 16: something(s) you're looking forward to

M'lady.. Gaga concert next weekend! I have been anticipating this for months!! Seriously, we bought the tickets 10 months ago. I could have gotten pregnant and had a baby by the time this concert rolled around. But I didn't. I'm too excited about Gaga I can't even think about procreating! Devons not as excited but I keep telling him she is the Madonna of our time. He doesn't seem to care.. But he will be dressing up for the concert by putting some bacon on his head. Oh I love my Lil' Devy.

Going to this guy in Vegas come April. Oh man, listen to what I just came up with. April showers brings Brandon Flowers!! I'm genius. We're going with my SIL Stephanie & BIL Danny for Stephs birthday. It's the best present ever!! So glad I got invited... This will be my 4th time seeing Brandon. And yes I figure 4 times validates a first name basis.

And the last thing I'm looking forward to doesn't fall under the concert category. Unless you count the nightly talent shows that we will be doing..

Myrtle Beach in May! We had such an incredible time last year and I think this year is gonna be insane!! Especially since we now have a toddler who can basically run and is obsessed with water. Yeah it may not be super relaxing but I am excited!


Devy Girl

day 15

day 15: your family

Hands down I have the best family. Devon married into a great family, I married into a great family. Just greatness all around.

Here's the Cailey family..

The Madsens in their Xmas jammies. I love them all so much. I know what you're thinking.. "She has to say that because that's her family." But no, I truly mean it. It's always a fun time when we're all together and I know that I can count on them for anything. Pretty soon there's gonna be a lil girl joining this crowd. Cecily is pregnant with a baby girl and then I'm hoping we get a sequence going where once Ces is done, Ash gets prego, then me, then Chels, and so on and so forth. We need as many Madsen cousins as we can get because they are all awesome.

Now to Devons fam...

The Tonks crew at Zions minus Victor because he was taking the picture. Sarah & Darren weren't officially apart of the family yet but we had 2 weddings within 2 months so now it's official! I can't believe 4 outta the 6 kids are married.. And here's a fun fact- In Devons family all the boys have D names and the girls have S names. Amazingly enough with all the spouses in the mix, they've all followed that same pattern. Except Big C here. My bad. I'm happy I've got Alexa and Tysen on my side because I just have a feeling Derek is going to marry a Shandra.

And here's our little family. The three muskateers. Fearsome threesome. Threes company. Third times a charm. I don't know. It's late and I'm typing just to type..

We love our family!


Devy Girl


day 14

day 14: your makeup bag

Here it is..

The essentials. This is my everyday makeup bag. I don't use everything at once, that'd be carazy.

Onto the next pics...

When it comes to makeup, I'm a bit of a hoarder.

My makeup case... This is stuff that I like to have on hand to switch up my everyday makeup. Ya know like different blushes, blue mascara, darker tinted moisturizer when I wanna pretend I'm a real housewife of whatever.

My lipstick/gloss/liner/stain drawer... My lips are always fresh to death.

My eye makeup drawer. I have every Urban Decay shadow palette they have made. Except for the Alice in Wonderland one. Which sucks because that's the one I want the most!

This drawer is filled with various face makeup. I've got so many Tarte roll on cheek stains I don't know what to do with myself.

Thank goodness for his and her bathroom drawers. Devon wouldn't have a space for his 20+ colognes if we only had one side. Like I said, we're fresh to death.

I've got a lot of makeup. So what. If there was a day on the 30 post challenge stating what you collect- it would be makeup. Booyah.


Devy Girl

day 13

day 13: something you're afraid of

I am brave. Rollercoasters? Love em. Scary movies? I've seen Ghostbusters like seven times. So, yeah.. I'm pretty much not afraid of anything. Except clowns. I'm not really sure where the fear comes from. My mother says it's because when I was a kid I found a dead clown in the woods. But who knows....

Okay that's not really me. That's a quote from Modern Family. Classic Phil.

This is from the Fizbo episode. Cameron dresses like a clown and leaves Phil terrified.

And I totally get it. Clowns are scary. And I believe I have this movie to thank for my fear.

My dad is a huge Stephen King fan so naturally I was exposed to this show at a young age. I hate clowns. They suck. Especially when they turn into giant spiders. That was a spoiler alert, I think. It's been a while since I've seen that movie on account of me being scared of clowns.

Other than that I'm pretty fearless. Lie. I'm scared of many things.


Devy Girl


day 12

day 12: photo of you taken ten years ago

Guess what? I found my external hard drive! I don't want to tell you where it was because I searched my parents house high and low only to realize it was plugged into my mothers computer the whole time. Oh man... Luckily their house is already torn apart (house flooded, have to remodeled everything!) so I didn't do too much damage. The important thing is I found it! I also put all my moms pics on my hard drive so it is overloaded. And I figured out how to use the scanner on our 4-in-1 printer so yeah... I've got a lot of pictures. Here's a few of me taken ten or so years ago...

I'm guessing I was age 4. I'm knowing I was adorable.

Newport Beach. Never really minded the sand back then. Now I usually just stand on a towel so none of it gets on me.

All of Daddys girls! How cute is that?!? My dad had a rockin mustache.

Mall madness!!! That's one of my top 5 best presents ever! Friends DVD set is of course on that list.

Just getting into my Norweigan roots. Okay so I'm not really from Norway but my dad served a mission there so I basically am. I love Norway. They have the best mayo, hot cocoa, and comforters ever. Mark my words.

Now I've just got to get all of Devons baby pics scanned and loaded onto the hard drive. You're about to see so many posts titled "which one of us does Dexter look like the most?" For fun.


Devy Girl

P.S. I realized I've missed a few days on the challenge which is why I'm just gonna do 2 posts a day til I feel caught up. So if you didn't catch day 11 then keep scrolling down.

Oh and sign up for Ebates because I want an ipad. And it's pretty cool. You get cash back for shopping. Makes husband happy. Well happier then me just spending all our money with nothing to show but new shoes.