day 11

day 11: favorite tv shows

first and foremost...

Friends! Did you have any idea?? I pretty much quote it in every single blog post. How you doin?

I was 7 when this show first aired but I dunno... I guess I'm just super mature because I don't remember a time when I didn't love Friends.

Best christmas present ever!! If our house was to ever catch on fire, I'd make sure Devs and Dex were out first then I'd run back in to get my other babies.

Before I had the DVDs I actually recorded every episode on VHS (what's that right?!) and I had a little guide that I made so I knew which tape had which episodes. Some of them usually had the first ten minutes of Wheel of Fortune because I had to go to dance or something like that. Thank heaven for TiVo!

Some other favs:

The Office. It was great, then good, then okay, and now I think it's getting great again. But it'll probably be okay once Steve Carrell is gone. So sad.

The new office! Parks and Recreation. It is literally one of the most hilarious shows on air right now. And if you've seen it, I hope you're chuckling at my use of the word literally. Oh Rob Lowe.

Modern Family. Am I right? It's one of those shows where ya go HAHA, wha?, LOL, hmmm, sob

So great.

And HIMYM! I love me some NPH. If you've never seen this show because it's on CBS well then you are missing out. I was hesitant at first for the same reason but I'm in love. And if you can't give your time to this show, then please just watch the "slapbet" episode. I think it's one of the greatest episodes of anything ever.

My favorite shows. All comedies. I dig humor. I'm embarassed to say that there are so many other shows that I watch weekly but I think it's probably a bit pathetic to make a 2 page post just dedicated to television shows. Maybe instead of doing an interior design/fashion/workout blog I'll dedicated my new blog to television.


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