day 20

day 20: your favorite song

That's tough.

I can't narrow it down.

How bout I just name some of my favorite musicians/bands/what have you and my fav song out of their repertoire.

Here we go.

Ben Kweller- Thirteen. Very romantic and everytime he sings it in concert he always looks up at the end. So I'm not quite sure if the song is about his wife or God. Either way it's sweet.

Maroon 5- Secret. I feel bad because I haven't really been a devote fan but their first album I could listen to all the way through over and over again. This song especially.

The Killers- All These Things That I've Done. I totally fist pumped everytime the part about having soul but not being a soldier started. Jersey Shores got nothing on me.

Rilo Kiley- I Never. I know they aren't a band anymore but I still enjoy listening to their music every now and again. I love that guy from Salute My Shorts.

I love musicals.. So any song from any of those I enjoy. Devon & I love singing duets but he usually ends up being the girl. It's weirdly entertaining.

Other than that I listen to what the radio tells me to listen to.

I hate myself for knowing every word to Pinks "Raise Your Glass."


Alex, Chelsea, and Tessa said...

I hate you too. You're totally stealing my talent of knowing all pink lyrics.

Russanne said...

Whenever I hear Rilo Kiley I think of you, because when they mailed me the list of my roommates, I looked you up very first on myspace. I remember thinking that you HAD to be my soulmate because your myspace song was Potions For Foxes, and I LOVE/D Rilo. Actually my current blog song was inspired by you. So basically I am and always will be obsessed with you. Duh.