day 14

day 14: your makeup bag

Here it is..

The essentials. This is my everyday makeup bag. I don't use everything at once, that'd be carazy.

Onto the next pics...

When it comes to makeup, I'm a bit of a hoarder.

My makeup case... This is stuff that I like to have on hand to switch up my everyday makeup. Ya know like different blushes, blue mascara, darker tinted moisturizer when I wanna pretend I'm a real housewife of whatever.

My lipstick/gloss/liner/stain drawer... My lips are always fresh to death.

My eye makeup drawer. I have every Urban Decay shadow palette they have made. Except for the Alice in Wonderland one. Which sucks because that's the one I want the most!

This drawer is filled with various face makeup. I've got so many Tarte roll on cheek stains I don't know what to do with myself.

Thank goodness for his and her bathroom drawers. Devon wouldn't have a space for his 20+ colognes if we only had one side. Like I said, we're fresh to death.

I've got a lot of makeup. So what. If there was a day on the 30 post challenge stating what you collect- it would be makeup. Booyah.


Devy Girl

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