day 16

day 16: something(s) you're looking forward to

M'lady.. Gaga concert next weekend! I have been anticipating this for months!! Seriously, we bought the tickets 10 months ago. I could have gotten pregnant and had a baby by the time this concert rolled around. But I didn't. I'm too excited about Gaga I can't even think about procreating! Devons not as excited but I keep telling him she is the Madonna of our time. He doesn't seem to care.. But he will be dressing up for the concert by putting some bacon on his head. Oh I love my Lil' Devy.

Going to this guy in Vegas come April. Oh man, listen to what I just came up with. April showers brings Brandon Flowers!! I'm genius. We're going with my SIL Stephanie & BIL Danny for Stephs birthday. It's the best present ever!! So glad I got invited... This will be my 4th time seeing Brandon. And yes I figure 4 times validates a first name basis.

And the last thing I'm looking forward to doesn't fall under the concert category. Unless you count the nightly talent shows that we will be doing..

Myrtle Beach in May! We had such an incredible time last year and I think this year is gonna be insane!! Especially since we now have a toddler who can basically run and is obsessed with water. Yeah it may not be super relaxing but I am excited!


Devy Girl


Russanne said...

We blogged one minute apart from each other. Presh.

Lovio Fam said...

So, if I rush the stage to smooch Brandon, don't judge me.