day 10

day 10: a person(s) you love

It's this guy

My Lil' Devy

And this guy

My boogaloo Dexter

Ahh I can't write this post without crying! But I will try. Or I won't... You guys can't see me so how do you know if I'm crying. I'll tell you, I'm sobbing.

Life with these two is truly amazing. I really married my best friend. Granted I've only known him about five years but he just gets me and I him. He also is the best father in the world to my other love Dexter. Dex has been such a joy in our lives and I love how much he loves his daddy. Everytime he hears the garage door open he gasps, runs downstairs (sorta-he's still learning how to run), and jumps in Devons arms (not really jumps, he thinks he knows how to do that but he hilariously does not). I love them both so much and love each day with them! For instance, right now they are both yelling Dexters name into a cup and just cracking up. Ahh love them so much. And yeah, my baby can say his name. He's genius.


Devy Girl

(with this post it's pretty obvious that Devon didn't write it and hope that's the case in all posts. Someone once told me that my husband was so funny with his blog posts but it's actually not him writing them. I just love having this as my signature. And if you really thought Devon wrote these and are now upset that the mystery has been revealed- then I was JKing with you. Haha.)

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