day 12

day 12: photo of you taken ten years ago

Guess what? I found my external hard drive! I don't want to tell you where it was because I searched my parents house high and low only to realize it was plugged into my mothers computer the whole time. Oh man... Luckily their house is already torn apart (house flooded, have to remodeled everything!) so I didn't do too much damage. The important thing is I found it! I also put all my moms pics on my hard drive so it is overloaded. And I figured out how to use the scanner on our 4-in-1 printer so yeah... I've got a lot of pictures. Here's a few of me taken ten or so years ago...

I'm guessing I was age 4. I'm knowing I was adorable.

Newport Beach. Never really minded the sand back then. Now I usually just stand on a towel so none of it gets on me.

All of Daddys girls! How cute is that?!? My dad had a rockin mustache.

Mall madness!!! That's one of my top 5 best presents ever! Friends DVD set is of course on that list.

Just getting into my Norweigan roots. Okay so I'm not really from Norway but my dad served a mission there so I basically am. I love Norway. They have the best mayo, hot cocoa, and comforters ever. Mark my words.

Now I've just got to get all of Devons baby pics scanned and loaded onto the hard drive. You're about to see so many posts titled "which one of us does Dexter look like the most?" For fun.


Devy Girl

P.S. I realized I've missed a few days on the challenge which is why I'm just gonna do 2 posts a day til I feel caught up. So if you didn't catch day 11 then keep scrolling down.

Oh and sign up for Ebates because I want an ipad. And it's pretty cool. You get cash back for shopping. Makes husband happy. Well happier then me just spending all our money with nothing to show but new shoes.

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