day 21

day 21: your friends

Having a scanner is so great. So many old pictures that I've come across with all my best girlfriends.

Let's start off with my best childhood friend.

It's my girl Autumn Bushman. She and I were inseperable from 1st grade up until she moved to Vegas junior year. We did everything together and I've got so many pictures to back that up. For now I will only present you with three.

Playing dress up in Vegas I believe. We traveled the world together! Well a couple of states but as kids it was the world!

Braces and crimped hair. Aww to be 14 again.

Here we are in New York for our drill team competition. Yeah we were on drill together. She cried when we both got the acceptance letter. Sorry Autumn, secrets out.

Now onto my fab five crew. Yes we had a name for our group of friends and I know you all did too so I'm not embarassed one bit.

Here we are at the disco stomp. Disregard the boys in the pic. They are not part of the fab five. The fab five are from l to r: Katie, Lizzie, Cailey, Kaitlyn, Melissa

Sometimes we would have honorary members to fill in for Melissa. We were mean. Forgive us Melly Belly!!!

Out to eat before Dogpatch. We decided to go with just girls and dress up as the "Men @ Work" crew. It was probably the best dance I've ever been to. Anyway, I got mushrooms on my pasta and Liz was so disgusted she made me cover up my food with a napkin so she didn't have to smell it.

This is when Kaitlyn and I gave Melly a makeover and she told us to refer to her as Rozlyn the entire night. Or, ya know, Roz for short.

Fab five before the senior dinner dance. All dolled up natch.

This was at our "ciao adolescence" party. It was the best of times and the worst of times because my ipod got stolen and someone threw a glass table into my pool. Katie loved to invite anybody who was anybody so I blame her. But she got her camera stolen so I can't hate too bad.

Now onto my college day friends... Yes we had a group name too.

Introducing.... The Amazing R.A.C.E!!! They be- and they all have blogs so I can highlight their names with their blog links- Russanne, Aubrey, Cailey, & Emily.

Ahhh College!!! We had some fun times in King Henry 310. Of course this is actually in a car and we had fun times in their too. We have over 30 pictures of us making random faces. Another blog post I guess...

I love all my girlfriends and I wish I saw them all more often but grownup life is carazy! Everyone is super busy and out doing their own thing. I think I'll just plan a "ciao twenties" party to get all my crews together.

And I know I blogged about these ones in my family post but if they weren't my family I'd still hang out with them. Hence, they are totally my BFFs.

The Madsen girlies. That's our crew name. Jk we don't have one. Which is weird because I love making group names..

Just getting a leg up in sunny St. George.

And a leg up at Simpable Things. We love holding up each others legs.

And of course my BFF and ever and ever would be this guy...

I love him so much and he is my BFF because he lets me do things like 'this is what you'd look like if you were a girl.'

And those are all my friends in a nutshell. They are awesome.


Devy Girl


Elizabeth said...

I love this post! (Though the picture of me hating your food is hideous)...

The Kastelers said...

Ok something really funny happened at that dinner (where liz hated the smell of the food) I think something the waitress said or did... and then we were quoting something all night long. Please remind me it is killing me!!

Russanne said...

Ahhh. I am honored to make the best friend post! I mean you have like 100 best friends, but I am still honored! Love ya guuuurl.