day 19

day 19: something you bought recently

This thing.

And I hate it already.

Dexter absolutely loves the little tike car. Any playroom we've been in where this car is, Dexter will spend the entire time sitting in it. So naturally I ordered one for our own home. I've never hated something so much. I have some choice words for this car but my mom wouldn't be happy with them so I'll keep it to myself. But it's taken me 2 days to put together and I still can't get everything to click in place. The video instructions make it look so easy but that's probably because they got giant men forcing parts in place. I'm a teeny tiny woman. Well an average sized woman.

Here are all the parts that are still incomplete. Oh yeah that's just Dex grabbing the hammer. I guess he wanted to take matters into his own hands.

Having said that, it's probably the best purchase I have made for Dexter. Even in it's half made state, he loves playing with it. He just brings me the steering wheel every 5 minutes to put it back in the hole because I haven't screwed it in yet.

Poor babe playing with his half made car and unscrewed wheel.

Luckily when Daddy got home from his golf trip he managed to get everything to click within 2 minutes. I punched and hugged him at the same time.


Devy Girl

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