day 8

day 8: a hobby of yours

I dunno I dunno....

I have so many it's so hard to choose from..

Not really.

I used to dance and sometimes I do high kicks in the kitchen which freak Devon out but make Dexter LOL so does it still count??

I've also become a bit of a seamstress. I made Dexter some new bedding and I'm pretty proud of myself. Who cares if the bedskirt is a little uneven right?! I even concoted my own academy award costume for Cessys Oscar party and I won a prize!!! It was Super Mario Bros on DVD and I was tha-rilled!

My sewing skills put to good use! As you can see I took a black dress and a red shirt and sewed them together. I was half James Franco from 127 hours and half Hailee Steinfield from True Grit. Don't judge me too hard but I had to take advantage of the fact that there were 2 best pictures where the main characters lose their arms in the end. Devon decided to go as Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network. We even attempted to perm his hair. Beautiful right? And lil Dex decided (was forced) to come as Mark Wahlbergs character in The Fighter. You know, he's the one who fights...

Other than that I just enjoy hanging out with the fam mostly. They're awesome.

But what's not awesome is my current hobby. And that's being sad. Har sad emoticon.

Ya see a while back my computer was running out of memory so we got an external hard drive to put my thousands of pictures on and now.... It's nowhere to be found! I've looked through this entire house and nothing! Waaah.

Now I'm not super computer tech savvy so does anybody know if hard drives have tracking devices in them? If not, then they should. Especially if they are the external ones!

Anyway. That's day 8. Walah.


Devy Girl

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