day 17

day 17: your favorite book

Oh boy...

Does US Weekly count?

I kid, I kid. Kind of..

So I'm not the most avid reader but I have been known to pick up the ol' paperback from time to time. The books I actually finish I really like. But if I had to pick a favorite.... Or favorites because, if you haven't noticed, I'm bad at narrowing it down to one thing.

Loved the book. Hated the movie. I thought it was cleverly written. And that's the end of my review because I don't want to mislead people by thinking I'm brilliant at discussing books.. I was in a book club once and I pretty much said "I agree" and "mmhmm" the whole time.

I read this book because the main characters name is Dexter. But I fell in love with it for so many different reasons. It's British which is just delightful.

I basically read books that a. have been turned into movies or b. will be turned into a movie. However, I do not read Twilight. I tried but I don't get it. There I said it. Phew what a relief.


Devy Girl

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