day 22

day 22: a place you've traveled to
That'd be CHICAGO!!


While Devon was courting me, he decided to go sell alarms in Chicago for 4 months. Well he couldn't get away from me that easily because I wasn't gonna pass up a trip to the magnificent mile shops.... Oh and to see my soon to be fiancee. It's quite a magical place. It's like New York but much, much cleaner.

The Married With Children fountain. Love & Marriage... Dun da dun.. I don't know the rest of the song.

This was at Navy Pier. Also the night that Devon proposed to me. There were fireworks. Literally, they had a fireworks show and he popped the question.
Eating at the John Hancock building on like the highest floor. It was berootiful.
Yep, Chicago will always be a place that is near and dear to me.
Devy Girl

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