My baby.....

is not a baby anymore...

He's a ONE year old!!! See... He's so smart.

One year ago today we welcomed our little boy into the world! Best early bday present ever!! (and mind you, I've received a car and most recently a 42 inch tv so yeah...he's THAT awesome.)

Happy happy birthday Dexter!! Hats off to you sir!
Get ready for a huge post dedicated to all his bday festivities... hopefully within this next week and not in a month... fingers crossed.
Devy Girl


Everybody Loves an Italian...

The badonkatonkas had a great one and Dexters costume was awesome!
We had a different idea for him but as my mom said, guilt finally got the best of us, so we switched it up a bit. I had ordered an apron already so we improvised and turned Dexter into a.......

Italian Butcher!!! Why did he have to be Italian? Well, we don't ask why, we ask why not. But isn't his 'stume just adorable! I got crafty and even made the sausage links round his neck. Devon got in touch with his crafty side too.... and dyed the neck and armpits of Dexs tank yellow (ya know, for the sweat stains- tre authentic).
Daddy & Dex at the Cardon Halloween partay. Awwwww yeah cabs are here!
My homemade jelly donuts! Thanks mom for watching Top Chef: Just Desserts that week and giving me the idea. Oh Gail!

Just a few attempts at a grandkid costume picture. Sully is in there somewhere...

We lost Sebey....

You can tell by Sophies eyes that this was around the 35th picture we took.

Happy Halloween from the badonkatonkas!
Devy Girl


Hide your kids, hide your wife....

Happy Saturday!
It took me over an hour to try and figure out how to upload videos onto my blog... And I still couldn't figure it out!
So I made my own youtube account and uploaded it onto there.
Ya'll are welcome.

I can't wait til it gets remixed.
Devy Girl


I'm 50!!!!!!!

Can you believe it??!! This is my 50th blog post. Ahhh what a milestone. Ya wanna know another milestone that just completely passed me by...
Dexter is 10 months old!! He's been here longer than he was in my belly! Yes this is the best picture I could get. He tries to eat the signs now.. and then he tries to eat my camera.. and then he tries to eat me.. Love him.
Mom & Dexter. I put that sticker on him and made him look in the mirror to see which version of himself he would try to grab (pretty sure it's some Freudian experiment or whatevs). He tried to eat the frame of the mirror instead.
Oh you'll love this.... Well maybe not republicans (wha? political?!) but Dexter absolutely loves Ellen. I think it has to do with the fact that when he was 2 months old I'd lay him in front of the T.V. when she was on so I could get some work in. He's only 10 months and already feels nostalgic.

This is a close up. His face was like this for a good 5 minutes. And that's like an hour in Dexter time.

Anyway, Happy 50th to my blog and 10 month to Dexter!

Devy Girl

P.S. Does anyone get the HUB channel? Yeah, I just discovered it and saw they have The Wonder Years on weekdays. I almost cried. Kevin & Winnie 4-eva. But, spoiler alert, not really-sad face.



The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the contents that will soon fill this page. It has to do with my dear friend/college roommate Russanne who has been facebooking me, telling me to update my blog. I finally decided to get on it and therefore am dedicating this blog post to her. The title refers to on of the sweetest things she's ever said to me. We were about to go to the gym and my attire of choice was, yes indeed, gauchos. She knocked some sense into me by asking that blog title question, "Gauchos... Seriously?" To this day I have not worn any such pants, but in my defense I am pretty sure they were still sorta kinda fashionable. Anyway, holla to Rusty for getting me to blog yo. I hope to see a blog post dedicated to me in the near blogging future.

Now....... PICTURES!!!

What's been going on in the badonkatonkas lives???

Grandchild number 9 was introduced to the Madsen clan! There's Dex with his new buddy Sullivan! I can not tell you how many times he's tried to eat him.

We moved out of our condo. Ahhh Shadow Ridge will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Funny story. Our first week as a married couple we went grocery shopping as any newlywed would do. Well I was acting "healthy" and wanted to get veggie burgers. Yeah, 2 and a half years later and they were still in the freezer, unopened. Ahhh Boca burgers will always hold a special place in our hearts. But not in our bellies.

Over the summer we took in a Bees game. Or is it Buzz? Well it definitely was baseball. Or was it soccer??

This guy turned 7 months old!! Got his two bottom teeth as a present!

Took a trip to the zoo.

Madsen cousins measuring up!

We took a vacay with Devon's fam to Newport Beach. I think Dex is a Californian at heart. He loved the water.

He also loved the sand as you can see from the above pic. Pretty sure he ate his weight in it.

Getting all the Tonks grandkids together. Tysen sure was enjoying himself... That was probably right after Dex tried to eat him. Boys will be boys!

There we go. Put the babes on opposite sides. All smiles!

Family picture at the family reunion! I think Devon was pinching Dexters leg that's why his face is like that. Mean lil' Devy.

Grandpa Ted putting Dex in a trance with his crackly tongue. Works everytime.

He insists on pulling my hair but doesn't realize it'll get tangled up in his hands. Ahhh!

Dexter just climbing all over Sebey.

8 months old! (in case you can't read the sign)

The next two pics show my sharp dressed men in all their glory.

Told ya. Glorious. You want more... well check out this_new_blog. You won't be disappointed. Unless you hate streetlight leather jackets (yes, you bet that's real leatha.)

Dex taking a bath. Innocent enough.

Oh no..... He's concocting an evil plan!!!

Bwahahahaha!! Mad scientist DEX!

Dexter's 'ghoul' friend brough him a Halloween present. It was mostly filled with Hershey's kisses that he almost swallowed whole- wrapper included.

Trying to eat the lights. Look at those baby blues!!

And possibly the most exciting goings ons in the badonkatonkas lives.... We're (almost) homeowners!!! Found a sweet piece o' property out in Daybreak so consider this a goodbye to all the rest of Utah as we will be too busy canoeing on the lake and releasing ladybugs. Jk, ya'all can come visit! But I don't think you can canoe on the lake unless accompanied by a local resident.

Bleaaerrgghh.... And that's our lives in a nutshell! I know I am terrible at keeping up with this blog and when I finally do get around to posting something, it usually takes me three days since I have to sit and upload pictures. So I've decided that I will try and post a picture a day (well, a week) because, let's face it, I have a lot of cute pics! I mean, have you seen our son?!?

Hope that was enjoyable for you Russanne! If blogging like this is wrong, then I don't wanna be right!! (That's another fabulous quote by Rusty that I semi-changed to apply to blogging. I'd explain but I'm tired so another time kids... another time)


Devy Girl


My baby is....

I can't believe it! Dexter Alan is 6 months old!! We've had this baby in our lives for half a year! This has been the greatest half a year ever! He is seriously the best, most amazing, incredible, hilarious, awesome son and I am almost in tears thinking about how much I love my Dex.

Here's pics of this ever growing chunk!

He is so big right?! We tried to get him to pose as if the '6 months old' sign was one of his buddies.

Naturally, he just wanted to eat it.

Hehe classic Dexter.

Happy 6 month bday to our wonderful lil guy!!

Devy Girl

P.S. There are a few more new posts down below. Yeah, I blogged the crap out of blogging today... It's more exhausting than taking care of a 6 month old.

A tid bit of everything...

We have an awesome camera so natually we're gonna have some awesome pics. Enjoy the awesomeness won't you??
We tended (yes I say tended, deal with it) Stone & Sebastian one night and made them a fort. We're not just regular aunt & uncle we're cool aunt & uncle! As you can see, Sebs was ecstatic.

Dexter wanted in on this fort action. And he just wanted to be close to his cousin Stone. From this pic, you can see that Stone just wanted to watch his movie.

This is him saying "uumm Devon can you get Dex away from me??!!"

How cute is that?? Uncle Devys is the best.
A few weeks back we took a nice lil trip down to St. George with the Tonks family!

Sadie & her boofriend Darren with Dex & his chunky legs.

Cousins taking a bath! Tysen, as you can see, has his camera smile down.
Dexter couldn't quite master the cutie smile that night. Silly kid!

Dex & Syd hanging out at breakfast. Both have the same facial expression that I can't quite explain. Unexplainable but adorable right?

Dexter with Gpa Victor. Ahh Dex is just like his daddy.. Alway wanting the remote! Har har.
We took an impromptu trip to Zions. Glorious!
Dexter & Grandma Shannon. Silly Dex always has to have those hands in his mouth. Ahh love him so much!
Devon standing on a giant cliff. Not really. It was just a rock sticking out over the water.. But it sure made me nervous!!

Cute Dex.
The whole gang! Shout out to Dallin & Sarah who are engaged! Woo! Getting married on December 18th. That is already such a spectacular day. It's my birthday. And Brad Pitts. So your marriage date will be in good company!
Daddy & Dex in matching outfits. That's how we do.
Dex & Mommy in not matching outfits.
Some more proof that Dexter is his fathers son. Just enjoying some gaming with Dad!
This picture was taken on a weekday at oh.... around 1 o'clock. Yep, I let him play in his diaper all day.
Dexter just cuddling with his bumper.
Me want food!
Mmmm carrots!! Did he even get any in his mouth??!! Ah!
Look at those Angelina Jolie lips. 100% real.

So there ya go. Just a bit of what's been going on... Pretty sure you all were anxiously awaiting these pictures so you. are. welcome.

Devy Girl