My baby is....

I can't believe it! Dexter Alan is 6 months old!! We've had this baby in our lives for half a year! This has been the greatest half a year ever! He is seriously the best, most amazing, incredible, hilarious, awesome son and I am almost in tears thinking about how much I love my Dex.

Here's pics of this ever growing chunk!

He is so big right?! We tried to get him to pose as if the '6 months old' sign was one of his buddies.

Naturally, he just wanted to eat it.

Hehe classic Dexter.

Happy 6 month bday to our wonderful lil guy!!

Devy Girl

P.S. There are a few more new posts down below. Yeah, I blogged the crap out of blogging today... It's more exhausting than taking care of a 6 month old.


Al and Seany said...

Cailey I love your blog posts!!!!!
So endearing and funny. You have such a beautiful family... Dex is flippin' adorable!! I'm happy to see that you all are doing so well.

The Durr's said...

Cailey, Your baby is so freakin cute!! I need to meet little Dexter!

Elizabeth Metcalf said...

I've tried and failed to comment here multiple times...

So if like three comments show up from me, pretend they didn't.

I'm blogging again! So that means you need to blog more! Thanks friend...