Peeing your pants is cool....

So two weekends ago all the Madsen girls went on a vacay to California. It was a blast! Us women doing what we do best... We shopped, we ate, we met famous people, we yoga-ed, we peed our pants... Wait WHA?!?
Some pictures...
Our first night there we ate at The Chart House. Classy.
I made out with that oatmeal. I don't care who knows it. I mean it was creme brulee oatmeal. (I'm using the italic font to really get my point across... Is it working?)
Ahmmmmmm.... Cheesecake...
Yoga! I don't know what this pose is called.. But it is carazy! And not real.
Oh just me and Nicole Richie!! Yes my head is as big as her body. I could put her in my pocket!
Trying on hats with my best girlfriends. Woo!
Ashlii peed her pants. Just thinking about it makes my heart sing. Mostly because she was running and had to actually stop, crouch down, and focus on not peeing her pants. But then Ces pushed her and obviously she lost her focus. It's ok Ash-hole, it happens. Not to me, but it happens.
Proof we were really in Cali. The beach. Be-rootiful.
And that was a few tidbits from our glorious trip. Thanks to all my girls for such a good time. Holla!
Of course I was uber excited to get home to my two guys.
Ahhhhh.... Look at them! That picture, like Ashlii peeing her pants, just makes my heart sing!
Anyway.... Bye.
Devy Girl