Everybody Loves an Italian...

The badonkatonkas had a great one and Dexters costume was awesome!
We had a different idea for him but as my mom said, guilt finally got the best of us, so we switched it up a bit. I had ordered an apron already so we improvised and turned Dexter into a.......

Italian Butcher!!! Why did he have to be Italian? Well, we don't ask why, we ask why not. But isn't his 'stume just adorable! I got crafty and even made the sausage links round his neck. Devon got in touch with his crafty side too.... and dyed the neck and armpits of Dexs tank yellow (ya know, for the sweat stains- tre authentic).
Daddy & Dex at the Cardon Halloween partay. Awwwww yeah cabs are here!
My homemade jelly donuts! Thanks mom for watching Top Chef: Just Desserts that week and giving me the idea. Oh Gail!

Just a few attempts at a grandkid costume picture. Sully is in there somewhere...

We lost Sebey....

You can tell by Sophies eyes that this was around the 35th picture we took.

Happy Halloween from the badonkatonkas!
Devy Girl


Hide your kids, hide your wife....

Happy Saturday!
It took me over an hour to try and figure out how to upload videos onto my blog... And I still couldn't figure it out!
So I made my own youtube account and uploaded it onto there.
Ya'll are welcome.

I can't wait til it gets remixed.
Devy Girl