This. Is. Happening.  I don't know what came over me but I decided that it's time to start blogging again..  I have a bajillion pictures that I was trying to put onto a contact sheet in Photoshop, that I was trying to make in a poster, that I was trying to get printed, and I just thought whilst I'm trying to figure all that out, I might as well do a blog post.  So weird.  Blogging is still a thing right?  Like for normal people?  Well I need to be better about journaling anyway...  So I am doing it!  I've got my arms around my babe and I am tip tap typing away..  Oh yeah that's right, we have a new addition..

Theodore Russel Tonks
He's awesome.
This kiddo was born on November 23rd, 2013.  He weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces (although if any of you saw our xmas card/birth announcement, I put he was 7 ounces 13 pounds.  Clearly I'm a tad sleep deprived.  What do ya want from me?!  I just had a baby!)
It has been so great having him around and having three has not been as terrifying as I thought it would.  I've been brave and we've gone on a few outings just me and the boys which is hilarious because I've got Teddy in the carseat or baby bjorn, Landry holding my hand, Dexter holding Landry's hand, and a whole lot of strange looks from people.  Yes I know we are crazy to have three kids that are four and under but we love it.
Enough chit chat... More pictures!!
The Family
The Brothers

And the baby.  I mean... Could you just???

For crying out loud he's adorable!

#teddygram (I can use hashtags on blogger right??)

Oh we're so great.  And I'm also aware that I live in a house with four boys and when the time comes to have another (which will probably be in a year given how crazy we are) that child will probably be a boy and it's cool because my boys are quite incredible and I love them all madly (#runonsentencemuch).
So that is what's going on with the badonkatonks.  Just living it up quite nice.  Like I said I've got so many pictures and hopefully I will get around to doing another post.  I'm mainly avoiding a giant pile of laundry but at least I'm not just surfing around Pinterest.  I'm blogging for posterity or some crap like that.
Wow.. this blog post only took me like ten minutes..  I for reals may keep this up.  Don't hold your breath though.
Devy Girl