I am finally getting around to blogging about Gaga. It was forever ago but felt like only yesterday.


The gang getting ready to be Gaga'd. Oh man we had no idea what we got ourselves into!

Before the concert we ate at a place called Tin Angel. Or Tin Roof. Or Tin Angel Roof. I dunno... It was something about Tin. I had a plate of mushrooms and one spare rib. I wish I had proof because that is what I seriously had.

Devon & sisters happy to be eating and gaga-ing.

The best part of that place. The kid-tinis! They were actually only semi-okay but I love me some mocktails! I had dreams of becoming a Coyote. As in Coyote Ugly. As in Tyra Banks. I make some mean mocktails. My signature is a cherry in every drink. That would have been my Coyote name. sigh..

Scissor Sisters on the big screen. Interesting fact- They aren't sisters. One of them is male. Pretty sure.. Like 75% sure it was a boy. The other 15% of me is thinking about that leather unitard he wore.

The three of us at the concert. Devon, myself, and my second chin. Has Paris Hilton taught me nothing?!? I should know how to pose for a camera that is below me. For shame.

One of the fifty gaga videos of the night. She kept getting bigger and bigger. Carazy.

The Lady herself. Well on the big screen. Still counts, I was in the same room as her.

Ahhh flames! Her piano playing is literally on fire.

Everyone in the group had very mixed emotions about the Gaga. Her concert was very preachy and very gay. But I can't hold it in any longer... I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even when I looked over to see my mad faced husband plugging his ears because it was just too loud for him. Whatevs, it just made me dance harder. Especially when she sang Born This Way. Devon doesn't like equality so naturally he hates that song.

And this is what we came home too.

Look how sweet!! Thanks Gma Linda for watching our little monsters while we could go be little monsters. It's a Gaga thing....


Devy Girl


It's your lucky day....

We are not making the blog private...

Lil Devy is up in arms about it. Me trying to hide that baby of ours.

So come one, come all... No it's not a picture of Dexter with his Mike Tyson tattoo.

It's better...

There you go Lil'Devy. Public for the whole world to see!

But thanks to the few who gave me their emails. I'll be sure to include you in all the chain mail I get. Just messing... Unless you believe that if you don't send that one email in the next 27 seconds, your uncle's, sister's, cat's, neighbor's, cousin will DIE!

Devy Girl