Guess what?!?

The badonkatonkas are going to have.... a baby!!
That's right. I am pregnant and proud of it!We had a picture of us with the pregnancy tests (yes, I took about 5) so I could make a cute scrapbook page for my mom for mother's day. It was so clever, I wrote a lil poem and everything! But I got so nervous that one of my family members would come to my house, use my computer, open up my pictures and out of the 800+ that I have they would find the aforementioned pregnancy test pics and know I was prego sooner than I wanted them to, so I deleted them faster than you could say baby! But if you're ever at my parents house, take a looksy @ the scrapbook pages and you might cry it's so darn clever/cute. Anyway, so I chose the next best pic to post which is the Mr. and Mrs. on the happiest day of our lives. Now when we have our lil girl or guy I think it's safe to say that on the list of happiest days, we will have to bump the wedding day to a close 2nd. We are beyond thrilled and so friggin excited to welcome our lil one in 7 months. That's right, I'm already 2 months along. How good of a secret keeper am I? But now... We're pregnant, we're pregnant and we don't care who knows it!!
Devy Girl
P.S. I also used the above pic to show off our great bone structures. Is our kid gonna be a looker or what?! Look out Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!