3sister is the name. Making accessories is our game. That's right all, the Madsen sisters have an etsy shop and pretty soon we will have a real shop, most likely in my mothers kitchen when she does her biggest Simpable Things eva! For a history of how this came about refer to Chelsea's blog. Basically we were buying cute feather dealys from Urban for like $30 bucks, I kid you not, so we decided to make them and sell them cheaper to serve womankind. Once again, I leave you a link... 3sister. Because it sounds cooler than 3sisters. And more mature than 3sisterz, which is what I wanted to call it. Oh man, I'm barely an adult and still acting like a tweenager. Anyway... Go visit it. We can do custom orders. Anything your heart desires.

Devy Girl
(but it's me, Cailey.)