3sister is the name. Making accessories is our game. That's right all, the Madsen sisters have an etsy shop and pretty soon we will have a real shop, most likely in my mothers kitchen when she does her biggest Simpable Things eva! For a history of how this came about refer to Chelsea's blog. Basically we were buying cute feather dealys from Urban for like $30 bucks, I kid you not, so we decided to make them and sell them cheaper to serve womankind. Once again, I leave you a link... 3sister. Because it sounds cooler than 3sisters. And more mature than 3sisterz, which is what I wanted to call it. Oh man, I'm barely an adult and still acting like a tweenager. Anyway... Go visit it. We can do custom orders. Anything your heart desires.

Devy Girl
(but it's me, Cailey.)


Lovio Fam said...

I love them! What a great idea. After your feather headband from St. George Sadie made me one and it was totally cheap and cute. Got to love the creative juices flowing. Good Luck!

aubrey. said...

cutie! I miss you caiz.

courtney brooke said...

of course i remember you cailey! you know it's a good thing to hear that people other than my family read my blog! haha you are too cute! well i checked out your etsy shop and i am amazed! everything is so cute! i may just have to buy a headband!!