Facebook, Shmasbook... I have a blog.

So... For the past week I've seen many facebook 'notes' entitled "25 Random Things About Me" and since I mostly only use the fb to just look at pictures and come up with funny status updates about The Hills for Devy, I decided to do this lil random note thing on my awesome blog. And I also don't really know how to make a so-called note on facebook, ergo the blog post. Yes, ergo. I learned that word from '90210' this week. I totally get symbolism... Anywho, here is my list of random randoms about me.. Enjoy.

1. I have and will forever be Team Aniston, no matter how darn cute those Jolie-Pitt children are.
2. One of my dying wishes is to meet said Aniston.. My other wish is world peace, naturally...
3. Friends is my absolute favorite televison show ever. Yes, I recorded every single episode on VHS and yes, I even made a list complete with "TOW" so I could keep track of which episode was on which video. I now have the dvd set which would be the one thing that I would grab if my place ever caught fire. Sorry Devo... hehe jk. Devo then Friends. I keep forgetting the order!
4. If I were sleeping at my parents house and it caught fire, I would grab my pookie doll that I have had since I was like 2. I don't care how disgusting he looks, that lil guy will most likely be buried with me I love him so much.
5. My absolute biggest pet peeve is bikers who act like they are cars and drive on the road and then they think "Hey I'm a bike I don't gots to obey the traffic lights.." Ugh sometimes I wanna drive up right next to them and push them over.
6. My other biggest pet peeve is when I am shopping and looking at a certain rack of clothes and someone else comes not a foot away and starts looking at the same rack. I usually try to stand my ground and get up right next to them so they can take a hint, but they never do. Like bikers, I sometimes just wanna push them over.
7. I heart buffalo wings. I'm pretty sure there was a year in my childhood where all I would order was wings whenever the fam went out to eat. There were all like "whaaa.. you got wings again?!" And I was all like "yes..." and then I would eat them.
8. I was voted best dressed outta of all the senior girls in my high school.. I have some undiewears that prove it.. They say "best dressed."
9. Behind my great clothing choices and best dressiness, you might be surprised to learn that I love video & computer games. Resident Evil & The Sims are my all time favs. Judge all you want, I don't even care.
10. I quote 30 Rock and The Office waaay too much... I even quote the simple quotes like "why yes.." and then I ask if the person I'm talking to understood that I was quoting 30 rock/the office. Devon is usually the one I'm quoting shows to. He enjoys it. I think...
11. Along with quoting, I am also pretty good at impersonating movie trailers. For instance, I do a mean Anna Faris in the House Bunny and also a good Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder. Just the parts in the previews. Not the actual movie. My nephew loves it.
12. Back to television shows... Devon & I watch many and we have fun doing so. For example, we like to guess when the LOST spiraling @ the beginning is going to happen on the episodes of Lost. We also like to do a head nod on the opening credits of The Hills when that one model does it. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about... We also always make sure we say xoxo after every Gossip Girl.
14. I skipped 13 because I'm superstitious. Actually not super, just stitious. Did you guys get that? I just quoted The Office.
15. I can sing with my mouth closed.
16. I love Us Weekly and People magazine. I am that girl who talks about celebrities like they are her neighbors..
17. I love making headbands with style. Psssh what are headbands with style you ask? 3sister.etsy.com has your answer. Oh man, shameless plug right guys?
18. is the date in December of which I was born. Along with Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Ashlii, Zach's mom, Steven Spielberg, one of my dads clients, and just found out, Ray Liotta! I love that guy!
19. In 7th grade it was a requirement to take a keyboarding class. I guess I got so into that now, when I'm talking to someone or listening to something, I will type out the words that are being spoken as if my hands were on a keyboard. So if you ever see my fingers tick, you will now know why. That's random yes?
20. Upon watching Coyote Ugly, it was one of my lifelong goals to be a "Coyote" bartender. When I lived in Vegas for a week I was tempted to enroll in bartending school. I didn't. But I do have my own silver mixer thing where I make some delish mock-tails! Hey oh!
21. One day I hope to have a bulldog named Bingaling. And one day I will...
22. From Justin to Kelly really is one of my top ten favorite movies. I even signed a petition to have them make a soundtrack. I still have my fingers crossed.
23-25.. That's all the random I've got today... Oohh wait, I just figured one out while cracking my knuckles (gross I know) but... I can only bend my right pinky in a complete 90 degree angle. If I try to bend the left one it just ends up looking like some sort of claw... I try with all my might to fully bend my left but to no avail...
Anyway, that's me random!
Devy Girl
(yes, these are all Devons random facts... He refers to himself as a third party, er I mean, Devon refers to himself as a third party. Ahhh Devon so crazy!)


Alex and Chelsea Osborne said...

You are the funniest person I know. I'm so proud of your randomness. Alex wants to put his mouth on your mouth...get it? 30 Rock.

zach and cecily said...

Ray Liotta. I want to go to there.

Geoffrey and Sharee said...

I love that you have an etsy shop, becuase I'm pretty much addicted to etsy!(and friends...)

EmilyJane said...

I freakin miss you guys! lol You're so funny!

Elizabeth Metcalf said...

I'm pretty sure I couldn't do yoga at a normal temperature for the human body...so sweaty yoga?...not for me. I'm glad you enjoyed it though...