BK Friday...

The badonkatonkas are going to see this guy tonight.
He is Ben Kweller.
A 28 year old trapped in a 12 year olds body.
He is totally awesome.
Also, a crazy random happenstance, Devs & I saw BK exactly 2 years ago from today.
(yes, I used italics. It is Friday the 13th and I wanted it to look eerie..)
Just two crazy kids, barely known each other for 2 months & oh so in love.
Well Devs was.. I was still on the fence. Hehe I kid, I kid.
But Kweller really brought us together.
Thanks you redheaded lil singin man.. See you tonight.
P.S. Did anyone happen to catch 30 Rock?? Liz Lemon talking bout putting a donut in the microwave may have been one of the greatest lines eva...
P.S.S. I hope you're all prepared because I'm totally becoming one of those bloggers that shares a lil tidbit of my life every day and tells you all what really inspires me... i.e. butterflies.
Consider yourself warned.
Tonks Out!
Devy Girl

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