Hogi Yogi.. Not like the sandwich.

So... let me tell ya about a lil thing called Bikram Yoga.
Hoooolly Crraapp... I die. I die.
Basically it is yoga in a room that's like 105 degrees and it's 90 minutes long and hoolly crrap, it's hard! When you're a 'newbie' they tell you that your biggest challenge is to just stay in the room, just stay in the room. I was like "seriously, hot yoga.. how bad can it be?" Oooh boy, I was in for a surprise. While in the class so many thoughts went thru my head like 'omg I'm gonna puke... what did I eat earlier? all I ate were junior mints... oh man these people are gonna see junior mint throwup all over my yoga mat... I'm gonna pass out.. the teacher wants me to stretch what now?! holy crap that girl behind me just threw her legs past her head while laying on the ground... & all I'm doing is lying in a pool of my sweat trying not to faint." Yep yep yep the many thoughts in my head... But the one I had afterwards was, Bikram. is. Ahhhwweessome.
So Ces & I went again last night and we're getting pretty good at it. We're totally starting to talk like yogis too. Or yogians, or yogites.. I'm not sure what you would call them...er, I mean us. ;) wink face.
Anyway, bikram yoga is amazin and I'm pretty sure the secret is, as Cecily & I (yogis) discussed last night, if you feel like you're about to die, gonna throw up, or pass out, then it's working...
So just thought I'd give a shout out to that crazy bikram yoga. I totally hate/love it like I hate/love Speidi. Oh wait, that's Devons love/hate relationship.
Also, another cool thing... My mom totally bought a hot lil number down in St. George today. And by hot lil number, I mean a hot red corvette, porsche, or some sort of red sports car.. She sent my dad a picture message that said "Happy Valentines Day, don't kill me." Ahhh love her so much. I hope that one day she will use my childhood boxes to fend off water from the car when the garage floods, and she'll feel so bad that she will give me the car.. That's from a Friends episode. And hopefully it will soon be from the episode of what is my life..
The End
Devy Girl