My lil devy is great...

I will tell you why he is so great, but first, look at what we did Friday.
Like I said in an earlier post.. We went and saw this guy.

It was quite incredible. They were having City Weeklys battle of the bands as well so we got introduced to The Neon Trees (& also The Furs, boo The Furs) and they were delightful.

Just look how happy we all are!! Yipee! Hooray! BK!

Thanks to Ces & Chels for these pics that I stole from your blogs. We took pretty awesome shots but I've yet to find something to upload my pics on my comp... And my camera is being held together by masking tape. Poor thing. sad face..
Anywhoodle... Valentimes was ahhmazing! Devs & I slept in which was fantastic and then I got a lil somethin somethin from my Lil Devs, (get your mind out of the gutter) drumroll please.... He, so lovingly and complete with a poem, gave me an Itouch! And Ilove Ilove! Pretty much my entire family (including my hot corvette drivin mother) has one and I was feeling left out. But my wonderful husband made sure I could be apart of that crowd and totally update my fb status whilst in starbucks (woo wifi). He's the best! To thank him, I let him choose what we would be doing for the valentimes afternoon and what do you think he wanted to do? Play video games? no. Watch sports? no. See Confessions of a Shopaholic? you betcha! Ahh we love that Isla Fisher! Afterwards.. We got some take out from Olive Garden and watched the dunk offs or whatever you call it. Man short guy can jump! And jump he did... into victory.
So yeah, valentines=awesome.
The End
Devy Girl
P.S. I'm loving putting links on my posts... Can't you tell. Yes, I hope you enjoyed that last link.. So adorable.


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Dunk-offs I don't know what it's called either but to me that's the new official name! Fun weekend!