I'm 50!!!!!!!

Can you believe it??!! This is my 50th blog post. Ahhh what a milestone. Ya wanna know another milestone that just completely passed me by...
Dexter is 10 months old!! He's been here longer than he was in my belly! Yes this is the best picture I could get. He tries to eat the signs now.. and then he tries to eat my camera.. and then he tries to eat me.. Love him.
Mom & Dexter. I put that sticker on him and made him look in the mirror to see which version of himself he would try to grab (pretty sure it's some Freudian experiment or whatevs). He tried to eat the frame of the mirror instead.
Oh you'll love this.... Well maybe not republicans (wha? political?!) but Dexter absolutely loves Ellen. I think it has to do with the fact that when he was 2 months old I'd lay him in front of the T.V. when she was on so I could get some work in. He's only 10 months and already feels nostalgic.

This is a close up. His face was like this for a good 5 minutes. And that's like an hour in Dexter time.

Anyway, Happy 50th to my blog and 10 month to Dexter!

Devy Girl

P.S. Does anyone get the HUB channel? Yeah, I just discovered it and saw they have The Wonder Years on weekdays. I almost cried. Kevin & Winnie 4-eva. But, spoiler alert, not really-sad face.


Russanne said...

Holy smokes. These last two blog posts are pretty close together, how do you feel about that? Also, did Dexter not turn 9months? WTF Cailey?

Alex, Chelsea, and Tessa said...

I miss him. My kids are boring me.