Hello, hello, hello... The Badonka Tonkas had a fun filled week, yes we did. I'll start with the most fun event (drumroll) "The Madsen's can food!" Yeah, you heard me. Early last Saturday morning we waited for the Dry Pack Cannery to open so we could pack dry food like you wouldn't believe.Here's some of the crew in our hair nets and beard guards ready to work!
This here is table one canning hard. Yes, Go Team Cailey! We can work on the name...

Oooohh boy, best Christmas present ever. Not only having what feels like endless supplies of flour, sugar, macaroni, fruit drink mix, and so much more but also the awesome fun time we had. Thanks Mom and Dad! Woo!

This picture ends the subject of canned goods and leads into our next event, Stone's Birthday party! It's a win-win picture. That is Puff Teddy telling "Dirty Harry Potter" where the dry taters go.We were Harry Potter. What both of you were Harry Potter??!! Why yes, Devon was regular Harry Potter and I was Quidditch Harry Potter. Seriously, there are so many options when you wanna be Harry Potter. So next time you say "I'm gonna be Harry Potter" get ready to be asked "Which version?" Wow could I write Harry Potter any more times!? Yes, Harry Potter.

Now here are all the nieces & nephews in creative costumes.

Tessa Leia and Yoda Stone.Cinderella Sophie painting pumpkins.Kenz was a dead bride. Or "Ex-wife." Yeah, she didn't get the joke. Which is probably a good thing. You shouldn't be subjected to LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) until you're at least 16.This is Carter as that Squid guy from Pirates. Captain Squid? Whatever the name, it was an awesome stume. This is Rubie Crayola.

I apologize to Sebastian for I did not get a picture of him in his costume. He did have this shirt that said "It's my first Halloween, don't scare me!" Ahh it was so tute. Devon however, scared the crap outta him. Sorry Sebs.

Rubie Crayola and Regular Harry Potter. Ahh they both love Stone's birfday!Since the party was mostly outside the children were bound to break out and run down the street. I had to document this. It was adorable how they just wouldn't "Get Back Here!!"
The photo below is the Madsen clan and all our awesome Halloween getups for the bday partay. If you'd like a complete list for what everyone is, please refer to Cessy's post. Yeah, I think I figured out how to put links on my blog. Cross your fingers and hope it works.
Then the actual Halloween night was totally amazin! We all went to my parent's house and handed out candy to kids who I swear were actually my age. We also played Guitar Hero: World Tour! Ow! And by we, I mean all of us.
Here's my mother singing beautifully. And my father also singing beautifully. He even sang that Paramore song where it says "Feels so good" over and over again. He's so emo.On Sunday (today) we all went to Sebastian's baby blessing. He's too awesome!! This is us in Sunday clothes. We all clean up nicely.

Yippee!! Hooray!! That is what our awesome week consisted of. Thanks to everybody who made it all possible.
Devy Girl
P.S. Pretty sure there's gonna be a huge space like that other post. I have to be honest and tell you that it takes me like an hour to just figure out how to upload pictures. Blogging is hard. Harumph.


zach and cecily said...

Holy Crap. I entitle the last picture "Devon = Gay".

He TOTALLY sits down to pee.

Alex and Chelsea Osborne said...

That's funny because I entitled that picture "Devon+Harry Potter= Gay."

DeLaina said...

LOVE the dual Harry Potter-ness! Clever!