Tagged.. brewhahah

So Chelsea "tagged" me or whatever. She is so silly. But since it's been a while and since my camera seems to be not cooperating with my computer I guess this is all I've got. Just words.. Ooohhh boy here goes.
Three Joys:
1. My family. They are all just too great.
2. My Lil' Devy. aka my husband Devon. He's funny.
3. Baby Ice. I really get joyful when I'm at a restaurant/fast food chain and I see they have baby ice. Cheek to cheek smile appears.
Three Fears:
1. Clowns. Nuff said.
2. Spiders. That's Devs too.. You should hear him scream when they come out from under our couch. Yes, we have spiders living under our couch. Eeekk..
3. Kidney infections. Those are a regular Dracula or something else fearful.. Seriously.
Three Goals:
1. To clean my house. It's so dirrrttyy..
2. I guess to be pretty healthy.. I've really let myself go.. What with major surgery and a kidney infection and all.
3. To figure out where that retched smell is coming from at my place of work. It's unsettling.
Three Current Obsessions/Collections:
1. Celebrities
2. Celebrities
3. Celebrities
Like I said in one of my previous posts, I will be the next Perez.
Three Random Surprising Facts About Me:
1. I can sing the national anthem with my mouth closed. Complete with a "Play Ball!"
2. You'd be surprised to know that I sometimes, always know random things. Things that really should be unknown to me.. Msnbc people. It works wonders.
3. I can crochet like nobody's business.. Okay that's a lie. I can play croquet like nobody's business.. That might not be a lie..
I tag: Cecily and that's it... I really wanna check your blog one day and see that you're not new to blogging. It's getting ridiculous.

Welp that's me being tagged.. Update on my life is that I had surgery which wasn't so bad, but then I got sick from my pain pills which was sad, but then I had a kidney infection which is the worst pain I have ever felt. Devon was there for the entire time and I bet he'd tell you that it was the worst pain he has ever felt too. At least he got a glimpse of what life will be like when I'm 80 and can barely walk. Other than that life is good.. Ahhh Madsen Family Reunion '08! You'd understand if you were a Madsen. Which I'm thinking mostly anyone who reads my blog is so good times.

P.S. Devon wanted me to make an announcement that August 18th is the hills season 4 premiere and he is excited. I'm not even joking. I kinda wish I were.

you know you love us
Devy Girl (with special appearance by Cailey)


Feenie said...

haha you guys are so funny. Why did you have surgery? I hope you are okay!

Elizabeth Metcalf said...

I hope that your health is improving! And just so you know I totally appreciate your obsession with celebrities. It makes my curiosity with them seem totally healthy.