This... Is Gonna Be HUGE!!!

Hello, hello, helllooo... So plenty of pics to post. I kinda put this one outta order but it takes way too long to click it to the right spot so... Lucky you guys. A little preview.
This is Devon, Alex, and Zach.. And Zach's weird weiner. Hot dog. Eww.. Any way you think about it. Hot dogs are gross uncooked.
This is Tessa. I know she just woke up but I can't explain why her face is like that. It's hilarious though.
Here I made Devon a wonderful belated birthday fondue dinner. Well I cut up the raw meat and put the broth in the pot. But it was delicious! Disregard all the electrical cords by the t.v. And by electrical cords I mean every single gaming controller known to man. Nerds.Okay, the sign says "David Archuleta is "tie dye" for" Get it? This is at the american idol concert fyi. It was awesome!
This guy was apparently way pissed that Ces won the last b98.7 tshirt. So cuz of that people would just spin the wheel and get the prize of his presence. Lucky.
Guitar Hero! I was really into hippie vibe that night. Hence the peace sign, and the peace sign ring, and the headband, and the tie dye dress, and the peace sign earrings.. It was "American" Idol.

Some big eagle. Sure fooled me.
Oh man... Stone loves me so much. I'm going to be the best mom. Pretty sure I had heels on so pretty amazing huh? (Stone really loves me he just wanted to go doorbell ditch my neighbors I've never met.. That'd be awkward.)
This was after a wedding we catered in a sorta grass/sorta dirt field. Our feet were diirrrttyy. But not our ears, eyes, or mouth. (see, hear, speak no evil) My mom fell asleep! Ah!
In my parent's backyard, roasting hot dogs, just being in love. We dressed to impress. I forgot that we would be outside with fire smoke all up in our grill. I screwed the pooch on that one!
Sophie in all her glory. Look at her side swept bangs underneath that visor. Gorgeous.

Devon, Cole, and Rubie. Rubs is so ticked at Devon. She's all "Get off my dad you class a moron!" Not really, Rubie is the sweetest.
It was Cam & Devon's birthday. Here they are putting their minds together and their fisted hands. All because Coleman got them the same soccer game. Ahhh family. And now we have what I did on Monday. Courtney (on the right) is going to Taiwan for 6 months so we all got together for lunch. Yes, it takes someone moving to a foreign country to bring us all together. Jk friends. Katie and Liz are the other girls.. Kt's getting married.
Kenneth and Nick came along too!
And Kaitlyn & I were there too. It's safe to say we all had a good time. Because we all said "Oh I had a good time." I heard it.
Anywho... In pictures, that is what has been going on. In non pictures, Devon goes to work and I also go to work. And at nights we go running together. Pssshhhaha. That's a lie. We swim laps.

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~Beth said...

Wow a "Madsen" that really does blog! I just found you through Chelsea (who also updates her blog) but Ces and Ashlii pretty much never have new posts for me! I love all of the fun pictures, your family cracks me up!! :D