My Lil' Devy

So... Whilst I sit at work, I thought "my husband is funny" so I'm making a post dedicated to him. Seriously you guys, sometimes I think we should have a reality show because we are a dynamic duo. Like take for instance, today. Dev and I went to lunch at 11 A.M. (yes I know.. that's early! But Devy doesn't have much time before he goes to work :( so sad) Anywho.. We were at Jimmy John's sandwich place which has gigantious pickles and I've never seen my hub eat one. So I shoved it ever so gently in his face and said politely, "eat it! eat it! EAT IT!" And then all of a sudden, Devon's hand swaps the pickle, it bounces off the railing (we were eating outside) and lands directly onto the trashcan. Like it landed right where you open the flap to throw away stuff so people would have to avoid this huge pickle when they threw away trash. We laughed and laughed! Seriously, this is reality show worthy. We're real life, no take twos.

Next story... I'm sure you wonder why I have that lil' saying below our name. I'll explain. One night Dev and I were trying to figure out, and I apologize in advance, what the name was for people who had sex with dead people. And I said "it's something pheliac, like people who have sex with trees are called something pheliacs too" and then Devon goes on to say, "all diseases are pheliacs...arachnophobia." Wow lil' Devy! And he wants to be a doctor!! It was Fun Nay! So that's it. I just love my lil' Devy so much! It is never a dull moment when I'm with him!! I hope all you people enjoyed. And by people I mean persons because I'm pretty sure only a handful of peeps read this. Spread the word. I'm hoping to be the next Perez Hilton, except prettier, skinnier, and a real woman. That's all. Happy day.


aubrey. said...

aw man! i just peed my pants!
i miss you two SO much!
seriously... it seems like just yesterday you two were sitting in 310 falling in love and then hanging out in chicago getting engaged and things!
visiting me is a must! please do!
im in vegas right now... lets really go to lunch?
call me ... youve got my digits!

aubrey. said...

oh and i forgot to say something about FABIO!


that was for em...
and i ditto her.