Blogging Blogging Blogging. Ack!

Oh man.. I am terrible at blogging yo. I can't figure this thing out! But I'm gonna try because I have so many pics and sweet videos! Here we go... First off, let's talk about dying hair. It has been a hot item in my fam for weeks! Me, my sisters, my bro-in-law, and my dad all dyed their hair. Yes, my dad. Here are pics to prove...

We were really cautious. Hence all the towels.

Stone was a lil hesitant. He was all "I don't think I like this."

But then he was totally looking forward to grandpa's new do.

And the final result is... Cool Uncle Grandpa!!!

Now here's a funny video.. We went to the zoo on Saturday but before that, we went to breakfast. Stone managed to shove a bit of sausage on his thumb and kept trying to feed Tessa with it. In this video he managed to get it in her mouth but just can't seem to get that darned sausage off him! Watch...

Alright, enough blogging for me tonight.. But wow this was like serious blogging.. I feel weird. More to come in due time.. xoxo Devy Girl (But it's really Cailey)

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